Okay! I have a question for EVERYONE HERE:

Has anyone ever heard of PowerPuff Girls Z?

For those who haven't heard of it, let me explain it to you: PPGZ is an anime show that is a spinoff of the original PowerPuff Girls. In this, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (or Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru, as they are respectively called in the Japanese version) were originally normal teenage girls, but after getting hit with Z Rays, they gained the power to transform into the PPGZ. They live with Professor Utonium, his son Ken, and a talking toy dog named Poochie. Villains like Mojo, the RRB, Sedusa, and the Ameoba Boys return, but with slight differences such as:

  • Mojo no longer lives in the mountain observatory, but in a run-down house he uses as a laboratory.
  • The RRB are older, but are voiced by girls (one of them being the voice of Kevin on EEnE).
  • The PPG have crushes on their RRB counterparts (or at least in Japanese).
  • Sedusa is usually a normal girl named Annie (in English), but turns into Sedusa when she wears lipgloss.
  • Neither Annie nor Sedusa like the Professor and have barely anything to do with him, and instead, they like a guy named Josh (in English).
  • Instead of Slim, the Ameoba Boys now have a female member named Violet.
  • Two of the Ameoba Boys are British, the other is a redneck (in English).
  • Princess (or Himeko in Japanese) has a sister named Dutchess (in English).
  • Princess's parents are both alive, and both of their faces are shown.

There's also characters like the Mayor and Ms. Bellum, but they are also different, in ways such as:

  • The Mayor's not as spastic or idiotic, but is still a source of comic relief.
  • Ms. Bellum is blonde, and is usually dressed in white instead of red (though she sometimes wears red).
  • The Mayor sometimes shows slight infatuation and affection towards Ms. Bellum, but she doesn't return any feelings like these.

If you wish to watch it look up its English dub on YouTube. It doesn't air in America, but in airs in other places such as Canada (in fact, I'm pretty sure it was dubbed by the Canadians, especially since a couple of voices sound like some characters from EEnE, which is actually a Canadian cartoon). It's a really good show! You should check it out!

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