• Xydux

    Okay...okay...Testing one two three....Hello? Hello?

    As you probably guessed from the title, this blog is about what I think the CN wiki should cover. Personally, I think that, for each show, it should have an overview of the show, a page on each of the main characters on the show, and an episode guide.

    For example, Chowder. All that you need is a page on each of the main characters (Chowder, Mung Daal, Truffles, Schnitzel, Gazpacho, etc.), an episode guide, and a basic overview of the show, somewhat like the Wikipedia page. I'm saying this because I don't need to know about The Meaches (Chowder) or about Frank Welker (a voice actor on Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated). If I wanted to know about these guys, I would use the wikis for respecti…

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