Hello Cartoon Network Wiki,

I am Webkinz Mania, one of the several active administrators here. Over the last few weeks, a hot topic on the site has been a massive Wiki wide cleanup. I asked "where are we going?" a few weeks ago. A number of people responded and the same sentiment seemed to have been reached.

It has been nearly ten years since the creation of the Wiki. To put it harshly, the site seems to be the garbage dump of information relating to Cartoon Network. Information about Thomas and Friends, foods from Chowder and every song from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi does not belong here. Neither does plagiarized content from Total Drama Wiki or Steven Universe Wiki.

For this reason, we are officially heading into a new direction. Slowly but surely, we are going to be attempting to delete every last plagiarized, irrelevant, unnecessary, incomplete page.

What is our goal? No longer will this site be a last resort for content on Wiki. No longer will this site be regurgitated information that you can get full, in-depth, quality content on other Wikis. No longer will we be stuck in transition. Our goal is to be a hub. If someone needs the link or some basic information about a series, this will be a site to lead them to the right direction.

I have created new series templates with the new infobox style that can be accessible on mobile devices that are simplified and we are in the process of updating the templates. On the top, we have the Wiki to send that person to further their conquest for information. This Wiki simply did not have it. We would have never had the same quality content as all the other Wikis, because this Wiki is for Cartoon Network, not Ben 10, Adventure Time or Regular Show.

The new series pages will also be a hub for crucial information. Characters, episodes, production and a brief overview of the series is the current goal for the series page. If a reader wants more content, they will be guided to the specific Wiki.

Some people have been concerned about pages for blocks and my opinion is that we should keep them, as this is crucial information for Cartoon Network and does not specifically relate to shows. The other content is fair game, but pages listing all the episodes (and a brief description) and characters (with a brief description) are the main priority.

It is up to the bureaucrats, but I have suggested we promote those who are willing to contribute to this rebuild to either rollbacks or content moderators, as we are desperately in need of new blood to inspire a new generation of editors and readers that we are taking content on this Wiki seriously now.