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    Our Goal

    October 1, 2016 by Webkinz Mania

    Hello Cartoon Network Wiki,

    I am [[User:Webkinz Mania|]], one of the several active administrators here. Over the last few weeks, a hot topic on the site has been a massive Wiki wide cleanup. I asked [[Thread:26806|]] a few weeks ago. A number of people responded and the same sentiment seemed to have been reached.

    It has been nearly ten years since the creation of the Wiki. To put it harshly, the site seems to be the garbage dump of information relating to [[Cartoon Network|]]. Information about Thomas and Friends, foods from [[Chowder|]] and every song from [[Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi|]] does not belong here. Neither does plagiarized content from [1] or [2].

    For this reason, we are officially heading into a . Slowly but surely, we are going to be …

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    CN Avatars

    June 29, 2012 by Webkinz Mania

    Check out my Cartoon Network avatars.

    If you have any suggestions, leave them below and please try to include a picture of the character with a white background or a transparent one. Thank you! You can use them! :)

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