You are wrong, Cow and Chicken did not exist as a story before. David got fired from DIC studios and was very depress,I was with him at the studio. He told me Fred Sibert was looking for pilots, I told him at the moment lest create a cartoon character and a pilot. We, together came out with the characters, how they would look and their personality, as we speach I told him do some drawings for the story and one came after another, I did the color to the original story and pilot.  He has the original story board painted by me.We worked together, I told him things like the parents would be half as a joke for the first pilot that we did not have the parents  just yet and like in the movies with low buget, we used a crop or part of the background. He , David Feiss, did not even got the joke.

Like the cow would be a super cow and she would speak spanish, like many cartoons are sexist and the point was to create a female character, smart, sweet. All this were my ideas, the red guy was his idea, of course. It was created by both in our studio, we were incorporated, not a story for my daughter at night, my daughter was 7 years old, not 2.  You don't tell stories in bed to an 7 year old. She was born in 1988 and the idea came in 1995.This was said later after he and Cartoon Netwoork took my rights away. You can mofidied all you want but you and Cartoon neTwork are liying, you are sexist and racist. You took advantage of me, one day all will came out as a big fraud.  Pilar Menendez

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