• Piluchina

    Cow and Chicken

    June 7, 2015 by Piluchina

    You are wrong, Cow and Chicken did not exist as a story before. David got fired from DIC studios and was very depress,I was with him at the studio. He told me Fred Sibert was looking for pilots, I told him at the moment lest create a cartoon character and a pilot. We, together came out with the characters, how they would look and their personality, as we speach I told him do some drawings for the story and one came after another, I did the color to the original story and pilot.  He has the original story board painted by me.We worked together, I told him things like the parents would be half as a joke for the first pilot that we did not have the parents  just yet and like in the movies with low buget, we used a crop or part of the backgrou…

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