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  • I was born on March 29
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    Welcome to the very first What's Up: Cartoon Network?! This is just a pilot run to see how it will turn out. If this does get picked up as an actual "event," this will happen every week and a blog will be posted every Saturday or Sunday.

    • The Wizard of Oz will be shown on Flicks from 4:30 P.M. E.S.T. to 7:00 P.M. E.S.T.. The description for the movie is "After a tornado whisks Kansas farm girl Dorothy to a magic land, she must travel to the Emerald City for help in getting back home. Based on the book by L. Frank Baum."

    • Adventure Time will have a marathon from 3:00 P.M. E.S.T. to 6:00 P.M. E.S.T.. There will be twelve episodes included in the marathon.
    • The season premiere of Adventure Time will start at 6:00 P.M. E.S.T. and conclude at 6:30 P.M. E.S.T.. The brand new…

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