Once again, vandalism has struck again. This time, its way worse than before. People are putting out fake blocks, supposedly aired in the eighties (which is OBVIOUSLY false, seeing as how Cartoon Network didn't even exist yet). By now, the wiki is at its worst, facing even more terrible vandalism than ever. By now, all previous admins have quit, and i am the only one left who is still active. The thing rarely comes around here anymore, and most of the admins have moved out of this wiki, so i demoted them for not editing the wiki at least once within the thirty day limit. As of today, its just me, BlackHAWX7, and Bentensuperheroaliens who are still editing often. This wiki is in need of a lot of help, and if i knew how to, i would block IP addresses from editing on here as those are the main problem here. If you have anything to say about the vandalism that has been going on here, then you can comment here.

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