Okay, I know it's okay for Cartoon Network originals to have character articles and episode articles, but I feel like Ben 10 has somewhat overdone it here. I swear you can find every single episode of Ben 10, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and the current Omniverse right on the spot; with detailed descriptions. Whoever is doing this, I appreciate your contribution but this isn't the Ben 10 Wiki. Or if multiple users are doing this, try to take time to edit other shows too. I know Ben 10 is like the longest running show on Cartoon Network, but that doesn't mean this wiki has to be centered around it. And every character article, I swear this one went too far. There's an article on every single alien species, galaxy or area in that show. This is very good, but we might've gone a bit overboard here. As of now, though, now that this is such a big deal we might as well do this with other shows too. I mean, this is the Cartoon Network Wiki and as such, other shows shouldn't be treated as minors compared to Ben 10. We should really take the time to edit other shows in the way that we edit the Ben 10 series. If we did, this wiki would be much more informative. It's definitely improved over the past few years, and it can certainly be improved even more. So let's try and give the other shows the same treatment that Ben 10 has.

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