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March 9, 2011
  • Notshane

    Ben 10 Takeover

    December 3, 2013 by Notshane

    Okay, I know it's okay for Cartoon Network originals to have character articles and episode articles, but I feel like Ben 10 has somewhat overdone it here. I swear you can find every single episode of Ben 10, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and the current Omniverse right on the spot; with detailed descriptions. Whoever is doing this, I appreciate your contribution but this isn't the Ben 10 Wiki. Or if multiple users are doing this, try to take time to edit other shows too. I know Ben 10 is like the longest running show on Cartoon Network, but that doesn't mean this wiki has to be centered around it. And every character article, I swear this one went too far. There's an article on every single alien species, galaxy or area in that show. This i…

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  • Notshane

    Fake Years

    December 7, 2011 by Notshane

    Once again, vandalism has struck again. This time, its way worse than before. People are putting out fake blocks, supposedly aired in the eighties (which is OBVIOUSLY false, seeing as how Cartoon Network didn't even exist yet). By now, the wiki is at its worst, facing even more terrible vandalism than ever. By now, all previous admins have quit, and i am the only one left who is still active. The thing rarely comes around here anymore, and most of the admins have moved out of this wiki, so i demoted them for not editing the wiki at least once within the thirty day limit. As of today, its just me, BlackHAWX7, and Bentensuperheroaliens who are still editing often. This wiki is in need of a lot of help, and if i knew how to, i would block IP …

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  • Notshane

    Total Drama Content

    October 1, 2011 by Notshane

    I've noticed that a lot of content on this wiki is related to the Total Drama series, and i think it should be removed because Cartoon Network only aired the series, it did not have anything to do with its creation. I think this wiki should contain acquired programs and all, but not every single character from one program alone including the teams, areas, etc. Johnny Test is probably the only exception since the show is popular enough, but Total Drama stuff (besides the article of the actual show) should be removed from this wiki, posthaste. I bet about a hundred articles on this wiki are related to the Total Drama series alone.

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  • Notshane

    My History

    May 6, 2011 by Notshane

    For two months i have been contributing to this wiki, more than others, because my schedule isn't so tight so i use most of my free time to edit this wiki because I've noticed some miss-spellings so i finally decided to join. I've been watching this Wiki's progress since 2009 and i finally decided to contribute to it in 2011. Soon enough I'll finish adding all of the Pokemon episodes because there is a lot of them, i should be done by May 26, 2011.

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