• Lolwutburger

    Read every single bit of this and you'll discover striking similarities between the book and network:

    There was once a lush forest of Truffula trees (Cartoon Network), adored by all the animals (old cartoons enjoyed by viewers, plus some creative minds), none more fond of it than the Lorax (Betty Cohen). However, a mysterious green (as in greedy) stranger named the Once-ler (Stuart Snyder) arrived one day, looking to take in the sights (enjoy the network's notoriety for himself): There are Bar-ba-Loots (resembling bears) that frolic about and eat fruit from the trees (anime-hungry viewers- the fruit is Toonami), Swomee Swans that fly through the air and sing as they go (the voices of creative staff at Cartoon Network), and Humming Fish that…

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