Hi everyone. Jimboy here. This is my first blog post on this wiki. Anyway, this is what it's about. So as you may know, I uploaded a lot of screen banners used during the Nood era to this wiki. This is what the new episode banner looks like.


And here it is during a show.

CN Onscreen Bug New Episode 2008

However, when I was watching some Total Drama AMVs, I stumbled upon 2 other "new episode" bugs. The first one is white (which was also the color of the Nood era's main bug), as seen below.

Screenshot (3)

The second one is red, but because of the way it was positioned in the video I was watching, the text can't be easily read, but I can tell you that it does say "new episode".

Screenshot (4)

If you know what the purpose of these bugs were, please leave a comment below. I'll be making mock-ups of these bugs soon. Jimboy out.

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