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Cartoonnetwork DNA lab cards

Hey it's epicmickeymouse and right now i'm a little annoyed right now I got the new app from cartoonnetwork and right now I'm trying to do the dan labs.

I've been trying to get combos and so far not so much and now I ran out of hints so now I'm stuck without any info what's so ever.

If anybody is feeling my pain i feel for u to please help me by commenting the dan combos and I will give u what I have

Finn- math and martial arts Beemo- tv and video games Ben ten - video games and martial arts Dukey - talking and dog Mordecai - staring contest and bird Rigby - staring contest and video games Anais - rabbit and tv Bugs bunny- talking and rabbit Daffy duck - bowling and birds Porky - bowling and tail Miss Martian - cheerleading and tv Cave- digging and computer

Please comment back on some combos please

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