So... this is my first Cartoon Network wiki blog post, and I'm making a monthly blog post series called Cartoon Network Updates. Yeah, it's as simple as you think.

Okay, first update is that Cartoon Network is moving their popular comedies (Adventure Time, Regular Show, Teen Titans GO!, and The Amazing World of Gumball) into a Thursday night block called "Fresh New Thursdays". Believe me, I hope they don't reuse the words "Fresh" and "New" into the commercials...

My honest opinions on this is that this is a VERY early idea. The ratings for the Monday nights are going so well, apparently! So, The schedule might be Teen Titans GO! at 6pm, Adventure Time at 6:30pm, Regular Show at 7:00pm, and TAWoG at 7:30pm. I don't really like the schedule, like, at ALL. Why would Teen Titans GO! be first? I'm not bashing on the show, I just don't really have good thoughts about it. The show didn't even gain a huge fanbase, and isn't really THAT popular. Maybe they just wanted to promote the show. I am also wondering on Clarence. What will happen to Clarence? Clarence isn't the schedule, so I'm guessing they'll put in a 6:30pm death slot from Tuesday or Wednesday. Still, this is my opinion.

Another questioning update is that Turner (the company that owns Cartoon Network) is slowly rebranding itself into a girls channel. After 14 whole years, they're finally changing the rebrand! Say goodbye to those wind-up toys, which are probably broken in real-life, now! There's also this one little thing I want to say, is that Boomerang is changing it's logo. Well, I just saw a glimpse of it on a trademark page! And here it is, in it's glory.


Well, It may not be it's final logo. Maybe it's just a placeholder until they announce the REAL logo. So, this is the logo they will keep, for now on. Moving on!

Some odd news here. Recently, Cartoon Network has filled in some trademarks for 2014, with some titles that might be pilots for shows. CN has filled in a trademark for "Mighty Magiswords". While I searched for that name, it came up with a DeviantArt entry, which could be seen here. I heard rumors that TVsKyle is making a pilot with CN, so this might pop up in the meantime!

Speaking of pilots, 2 pilots have been surfaced on Cartoon Network Video's website. They are named "Long Live the Royals", and "AJ's Infinite Summer". They both look pretty cool, infact! You can search for them online, because I am too lazy to link them on here.

So, that is it! I hope you enjoyed this update. I don't think it was MERELY an update, I just think it is. See you next month!

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