Thumb Wrestling Federation is a series that premired on Cartoon Network on November 5, 2008 and YTV on
January 5, 2007. It's a series with live action thumbs thumb wrestling for the championship. The Mighty Dexteras (Dexteras for short) are the good guys and the Evil Sinistras (Sinistas for short) are the bad guys.


  • Vini Vidi Victory
  • Hometown Huck
  • Wasabi
  • Face-off Phil
  • Mr.Extremo
  • Evil Ira (former)
  • Gogachog
  • Knockout Ninja
  • Pierre Pamplemousse
  • Weredog
  • Mahi Mahi Mindy
  • Big Star
  • Fly Guy
  • Captain Esplande
  • Gill
  • Gary The Intern
  • Pei Pei The Purple Panda
  • Dorsal Flynn
  • Ouch
  • Tom Cat
  • James Montgomery Flag
  • Unit 19G
  • Miss Fitwell
  • Milty the Clown
  • Lucky O' Leary
  • Cleat Cunningham
  • Danny Kaboom
  • The Stash (retired)
  • The Ameoba (in later seasons)
  • Sir Serpent (in later seasons)
  • The Visitor (in later seasons)
  • N Fuego (in later seasons)
  • Bucks Gazillion (in later seasons)
  • Flashback (in later seasons)
  • Big Bad Billy Goatetsky (in later seasons)
  • Rolf the Reaper (in later seasons)


  • Senator Skull
  • The Big Time
  • Itsy Bitsy
  • N Fuego
  • Evil Ira
  • Bucks Gazillion
  • Snagglefangs
  • Big Bad Billy Goatesky
  • Laughing Loony
  • Rolf The Reaper
  • Captain Carpal
  • Dwayne Bramage
  • The Cheetah
  • Cheeko Rojo
  • The Amoeba
  • Billy Batboy
  • Corbata
  • Flashack
  • The Visitor
  • The Scorchian
  • Sir Serpent
  • The Lost Viking
  • Queen Nefercreepy
  • Scoutmaster Scott
  • Mugsy Thumbscrew

Episodes in Season 3

  • April 4-Bucks Gazillion vs. Wasabi
  • April 11-Pierre Pamplemousse vs. Snagglefangs
  • April 18-The Lost Viking vs. Gogachog
  • April 25-Captain Carpal vs. Knockout Ninga
  • May 2-Weredog vs. The Visitor
  • May 9-Queen Nefercreepy vs. Danny Kaboom
  • May 16-Pei Pei the Purple Panda vs. Scoutmaster Scott
  • May 23-Sick Vick vs. Miss Fitwell
  • May 30-Itsy Bitsy vs. Milty The Clown
  • June 6-Gill vs. Mugsy Thumbscrew
  • June 13-The Big Time vs. Ouch
  • June 20-Hometown Huck vs. Billy Batboy
  • June 27-Mr.Extremo vs. The Big Time (Quarterfinals)
  • July 4-Face-off Phil vs. Senator Skull (Quarterfinals)
  • July 11-Bucks Gazillion vs. Hometown Huck (Quarterfinals)
  • July 18-Queen Nefercreepy vs. Milty The Clown (Quarterfinals)
  • July 25-Face-off Phil vs. Queen Nefercreepy (Semi-finals)
  • August 1-Bucks Gazillion vs. Mr.Extremo (Semi-finals)
  • August 8-Face-off Phil vs. Bucks Gazillion (Championship)

Episodes in Season 2

  • January 17-Mr. Extremo vs. Big Bad Billy Goatesky
  • January 24-Mahi Mahi Mindy vs. Rolf the Reaper
  • January 31-Itsy Bitsy vs. Fly Guy
  • February 7-Evil Ira vs. Big Star
  • February 14-N Fuego vs. Danny Kaboom
  • February 21-Face-off Phil vs. The Cheetah
  • February 28-Wasabi vs. Dwayne Bramage
  • March 7-Vini Vidi Victory vs. Captain Carpal
  • March 14-Mr.Extremo vs. The Big Time (Semi-finals)
  • March 21-Senator Skull vs. Hometown Huck (Semi-finals)
  • March 28-Mr.Extremo vs. Senator Skull (Championship)


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