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Step 1 of Cleanup: Episode and Character Pages

  • Hello guys,

    As a result of community discussion in this topic, the staff will start deleting episode and character pages on this Wiki. Anybody who want to make episode and character pages are now advised to go to that general Wiki, rather than this one. For example, if you want to make a page about Chet, you should do so on the Adventure Time Wiki. This Wiki is no longer a place for character and episode pages.

    The staff has started the cleanup and if there are any problems, you are advised to leave a reply here. Otherwise, we are just going to roll out what the Wiki discussed a month ago.

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    • Then what's is the purpose of adding or using this page for what, this is just useless now.

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    • We will still have character and episode pages, but we want to dedicate a full page such as Megas XLR/Episodes to it, rather than twenty-six stubs. This way, we have the crucial information about the series and if the reader wants accurate, in-depth information, they can go to the Megas XLR Wiki.

      Plus, there are several pages that have been plagiarized from other Wikis. We are taking away traffic from those Wikis and one of the pages you created (Fun Dungeon Face Off) is a prime example of that.

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    • Step one is mostly complete. There are various odds and ends left to be deleted. If there are any requests to restore articles or mistakes, such as deleting a short or content that cannot be found on another Wiki (such as a pilot for a series that did not get picked up), please let us know here.

      After we migrate the episode page names so they follow this format: SERIES/Episodes and make the formatting similar to Megas XLR/Episodes, we can move on to step two, which is basically the same thing, but with the character pages.

      For anyone who is willing to contribute, we are also looking for people to help us migrate the templates on every series page from Template:Infobox Television to Template:Series.

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    • Hey, Why don't you let the articles about chcaracters and episodes be on your wiki?

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    • We had character and episode pages on the Wiki for the past ten years. We realized that a large amount of them were either plagiarized or better off on one giant page, such as Megas XLR/Episodes. Once we finish this cleanup and make pages, we will link users to the other Wiki to read more information about the characters and episodes, as that dedicated Wiki will certainly have more information than this general Wiki.

      Where would you go to find out information about Mung Daal? Chowder Wiki or Cartoon Network Wiki?

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    • '( i sad.
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    • Is one of the steps gonna include fixing up show pages and the 2 infoboxes that exist?

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    • Yes, that will be step two, but you are more than welcome to start fixing them now. We encourage anyone who is eager to help to participate!

      This was more of a general announcement for people who have fallen behind.

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    • A Fandom user
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