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Series Overview

Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 20 October 2, 1965 February 12, 1966
2 6 September 10, 1966 October 15, 1966

Season 1 (1965)


Episode Title

Original Airdate

1 "Detour For Sure" October 2, 1965
A construction crew is attempting to evict Maw and Paw Rugg out of their house so they can put in a new highway. However, the Ruggs are content to stay where they are.
2 "Woodpecked" October 9, 1965
The Bear family is being disturbed by a noisy woodpecker. Paw finds a solution when he buys a female woodpecker to distract him.
3 "Anglers Aweigh" October 16, 1965
Maw sends Paw to catch a catfish for their dinner and gets more than he bargins for when he runs into Ol' Whiskers.
4 "Stranger Than Friction" October 23, 1965
Floral and Shag decide to start a new business to make some extra money. Charlie McGee sells them his business for a cut of the profits and all the money that they currently have.
5 "Goldilocks And The Four Bears" October 30, 1965
The Bear family decides to take a walk to let their breakfast cool. Meanwhile, a passing movie star named Goldy Looks gets a flat tire and finds the Bear's house while looking for help. She ends up eating their food and sleeping in their beds and she runs off when the Bears get home with an idea for a movie.
6 "Going, Going Gone Gopher" November 6, 1965
Paw is put in charge of guarding the garden when Maw goes to town. He winds up having to defend it from a very hungry gopher.
7 "Courtin' Disaster" November 13, 1965
A truce is called between the Rugg's and the Hopper's so that Floral and Claude can begin dating.
8 "Picnic Panicked" November 20, 1965
Clyde Hopper is determined to catch Floral and her chicken filled picnic basket in an event at the Hog Woller country picnic. Since the Ruggs are feuding with the Hoppers, Paw is just as determined to stop him.
9 "Judo Kudos" November 27, 1965
Sumo the Japanese fighting bear is on his way to the circus when he falls out of the truck when it hits a bump. Sumo helps Paw Rugg learn karate so he can use it on his rival, Claude Hopper.
10 "Just Plane Around" December 4, 1965
Experimental plane X-Ray-X lands near the Rugg house and Paw goes for an unexpected ride with agent 00700 and his pal who are trying to steal the plane.
11 "War Games" December 11, 1965
The Pentagon decides to conduct war games in the Rugg's backyard.
12 "Bricker Brats" December 18, 1965
Shag and the Hopper boy keep getting in fights over who has the toughest dad threatening to start the feud back up.
13 "Slap Happy Grandpappy" December 25, 1965
Grandpa Rugg comes for a visit much to the excitement of Shag and Floral. Grandpa wants to shoot some Hoppers not knowing that Paw has just ended the feud with them.
14 "Pooped Pops" January 1, 1966
It's July and time for Paw's yearly bath. When he's finished Maw makes Paw play a Robin Hood game with Shag even though he is very tired.
15 "Leaky Creek" January 8, 1966
Maw sends Paw down to the creek to take a bath even though he just took one last year and doesn't think he needs another one. When he gets to the creek he finds it has gone dry due to a pesky beaver that has built a dam.
16 "My Fair Hillbilly" January 15, 1966
Maw is tired of Paw being such a slob so she sends him to the J.P. Snobbs School of Charm and they try to turn Paw into a gentleman.
17 "Rickety Rockety-Raccoon" January 22, 1966
Paw battles with Rickety Raccoon after he steals eggs from the hen house.
18 "Modern Inconvenience" January 29, 1966
Maw and Paw are selected as the Hillbilly family of the month by Good Hillbillying Magazine and are given every modern convenience for one month.
19 "Rabbit Rumble" February 5, 1966
Maw sends Paw and Shag to hunt for a rabbit for dinner.
20 "Speckled Heckler" February 12, 1966
Professor Beetlebottom arrives at the Rugg house looking for a rare butterfly, the Speckled Fleeby Doo, and offers a $1,000 reward if they capture one.

Season 2 (1966)


Episode Title

Original Airdate

21 "Whirly Bear" September 10, 1966
Paw Rugg goes on an unexpected ride while trying to fix the windmill.
22 "Saucy Saucers" September 17, 1966
Aliens capture Paw and take him back to their planet for observation.
23 "Chipper Chirper" September 24, 1966
Paw's out hunting a meal for dinner when Maw's pet bird gets out of its cage and runs away.
24 "Gettin' Paws Goat" October 1, 1966
Paw battles with the neighbor's billy goat that is eating everything in his garden.
25 "Buzzin' Cuzzins" October 8, 1966
Paw's cousin Fud sends a telegram saying he is going to stop in for a visit since they have never met. Meanwhile, Gorzo the Wild Man escapes from a truck delivering him to the circus and is mistaken for cousin Fud when he shows up at the cabin.
26 "Do The Bear" October 15, 1966
Maw tries to wake up Paw from his between-naps rest period so he can go to the store for her. Some music producers offer Paw a lifetime music contract after hearing him play the guitar in the store.

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