This article is a list of episodes in the TV series The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange.

Season 1 (2012-2013)

  1. Marshmalia
  2. Captain Blood Orange
  3. Sir Juice-A-Lot
  4. Fruit Zombies
  5. Founding Fruits
  6. Fruit Vengers
  7. Dr. Strange Plum
  8. Bad News Pears
  9. Fruit Plane
  10. "The Lords of Fruitbush
  11. Boys vs. Girls
  12. Fruitastic Voyorange
  13. Escape from the Planet of the Grapes of Wrath
  14. Follow the Bouncing Orange
  15.   Spaghetti West
  16.    Welcome to My Fruitmare
  17. Annoying Cutesie
  18. The Day the Store Stood Still
  19. Generic Holiday Special
  20. Orange Carol
  21. Orange the Red
  22. Orange Belt
  23. When Fruit Ruled the Earth
  24. Pop Star"
  25. The Fast and the Fruitious"
  26. Trans.Fruit.Bots"

Season 2 (2013-2014)

27. Chief Executive Orange

28. Meet the Oranges

29. Fruit-loose

30. My Name Is Orange

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