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The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange is an American live-action/animated TV series based on the characters from the popular web series The Annoying Orange created for television by Dane Boedigheimer and Tom Sheppard for Cartoon Network. THIS SHOW SUCKS. It is currently being produced by Dane Boedigheimer's company Gagfilms alongside management company The Collective. A preview aired on May 28, 2012, and the official premiere was on June 11, 2012. The show is rated TV-PG in the United States by the FCC and Cartoon Network.

The cast features Dane as Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow; along with Justine Ezarik (Passion), BobJenz (Grapefruit), Tom Kenny (Coconut and Guava), Felicia Day (Peach and Ginger), Rob Paulsen (Evil Alien Brooccoli Overlord) and John DiMaggio (Big Rock Candy Monster).  Tom Sheppard, the series' co-creator, voiced an elderly banana.

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