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Teletoon Logo (2011)

September 8, 1997 (French)
October 17, 1997 (English)

Owned By:

Corus Entertainment

Picture Format:

360i (1997-2001)
480i (2001-present)
1080i (2012-present)

Teletoon Logo (1999)

The first logo used from 1997-1999.

Teletoon logo

The second logo used from 1999-2007.

425px-Teletoon logo

The third logo used from 2007-2011.

Teletoon (often stylized as TELETOON) is a Canadian cable television speciality channel that broadcasts animated cartoon programming. Teletoon is owned by Corus Entertainment.

There are separate English and French versions of Teletoon. The English version is broadcast in two time-shifted feeds, East (North American Eastern Time Zone) and West (Pacific Time Zone). On July 4th, 2012, a local version of Cartoon Network launched in Canada.


Main article: List of programs broadcast by Teletoon

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