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Relationships: Courage (friend)
Voice: Mary Testa

Shirley is a recurring character from the Cartoon Network original series, Courage the Cowardly Dog. She is a fortune-teller who helps Courage in his adventures on some occasions.


Shirley have heterochromic eyes, green dress and pink cape.


Shirley who makes a living by providing fortune-telling and advice to Courage, and also by selling junk to people. She has magical powers, such as putting curses on people who wrong her, calling spirits in the afterlife, and even summoning a giant monster.

Shirley has nothing against Courage, but she has a strong dislike of Eustace (due to his ignorance, often referring to him as "the stupid one"). Whenever Eustace angers Shirley, she puts curses or spells on him. The only way to lift them is by learning her moral, even though Courage is usually the one who has to fix it.

Shirley is also one of the very few characters who understand what Courage is trying to say, probably because she's a dog like him. When giving Courage advice, she normally plays a saxophone between sentences, sometimes with an extended solo at the end, and she also uses this to cast spells.

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