Sealab 2020
Sealab 2020
Genre Science Fiction
Format Animated Series
Starring John Stephenson
Ross Martin
Josh Albee
Pamelyn Ferdin
William Callaway
Jerry Dexter
Ann Jillian
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 16 (3 Unaired) (List of Episodes)
Executive producer(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Running time 22 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Productions
Original channel NBC
First shown 1972
Original run September 9, 1972 – December 2, 1972
Status Ended
Sealab 2020 is an American animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions. The show premiered on NBC on September 9, 1972. The series aired its 13th and final episode on December 2, 1972, with three episodes unaired. The series appeared in reruns on USA Network as part of its "USA Cartoon Express" programming block in the 1980s and on Cartoon Network from 1992-2000. As with most Hanna-Barbera series, the show is in occasional rotation on Boomerang, the TV channel that owns the Hanna-Barbera archives.


The series takes place at Sealab, an underwater research base based on the Challenger Seamount (an underwater mountain), in the year 2020 (48 years in the future at the time of broadcast). Commanded by Captain Murphy, Sealab was home to 250 people, and was dedicated to the exploration of the seas and the protection of marine life.

Among other things, the crew of Sealab faced such challenges as attacks from sharks and giant squids, potential environmental disasters, and threats to Sealab and marine life from shipping.


  • Ross Martin - Dr. Paul Williams
  • John Stephenson - Captain Michael Murphy
  • Josh Albee - Robert Murphy
  • Pamelyn Ferdin - Sally Murphy
  • William Callaway - Lieutenant Sparks
  • Jerry Dexter - Hal
  • Ann Jillian - Gail
  • Ron Pinkard - Ed
  • Olga James - Mrs. Thomas
  • Gary Shapiro - Jamie


Season 1

  1. "Deep Threat" - September 9, 1972
  2. "Lost" - September 16, 1972
  3. "Green Fever" - September 23, 1972
  4. "The Singing Whale" - September 30, 1972
  5. "The Shark Lover" - October 7, 1972
  6. "The Basking Shark" - October 14, 1972
  7. "Where dangers Are Many" - October 21, 1972
  8. "Backfire" - October 28, 1972
  9. "The Deepest Dive" - November 4, 1972
  10. "The Challenge" - November 11, 1972
  11. "Collision of the Aquarius" - November 18, 1972
  12. "The Capture" - November 25, 1972
  13. "The Arctic Story" - December 2, 1972

Unaired Episodes

  1. "Pilot" - Unaired
  2. "S.O.S.: Sealab Ocean Signal" - Unaired
  3. "Utopia of Cassidy" - Unaired

Adult Swim Parody

Sealab 2021

Sealab 2020 was parodied by the Adult Swim series Sealab 2021 from 2001 to 2005. The parody featured the same characters and some of the same animation from the original series. However, Sealab 2021 had a comedic tone and featured different voice actors.

Home Release

Sealab 2020 DVD
On May 22, 2012, Warner Archive released Sealab 2020: The Complete Series on DVD as part of their Hanna–Barbera Classics Collection. This is a manufacture-on-demand (MOD) release, available exclusively through Warner's online store and

The pilot episode "Deep Threat" is also included in the Warner Bros. Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1970s Vol. 2 DVD set.

Hanna-Barbera Series

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