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Sea Urchins is the 13b episode of Flapjack. first aired in December 11.


A gang of kids from the bad part of Stormalong pick on Flapjack. And when Flapjack tries to get on their good side, more problems arise.


This is the third time Flapjack sang. The first time was in "Several Leagues Above the Sea!" and the other time was in "Knot Funny."

Apparently, K'nuckles is the god of not doing anything for anybody.

This is probably the first or only time, for a moment, Bubbie talks with her blowhole.

Sea Urchins aired on December 11th.

The episode name, Sea Urchins, is an obvious reference to the marine animal named sea urchin, the sea urchin uses long moveable spikes which are used for moving aorund and for self-defense and cleaning itself.


Bubbie: Baby, how'd you get so shiny?

Flapjack: I drank all this self polish!

Bubbie: That's not self polish, that's shelf polish! I use it to polish my bell collection shelf!

Flapjack: Ra-ling a ding ding!

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