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A digital on-screen bug (or you can just call it a logo if you must) is an image that usually appears on the bottom-right of the television screen. 


Upper Right + Transparent Screen Bug

Not all feeds show the screen bug on the bottom-right. For example, the South-East Asia feed shows their screen bug at the upper-right. 


The UK/Ireland feed shows that their screen bug is on the upper-right corner and is transparent.

The image on the right also applies to the following:

  • CEE, RSEE, EMEA and Nordic feeds 
  • UK & Ireland 
  • Arabic feed
  • France, Portugal, Italy and Germany
  • SEA, Indian, Korean, Chinese (Taiwan) and Japanese feeds
  • Australia & New Zealand 

The Southeast-Asia feed had an opaque screen bug after Check It 4.0 was introduced. In June 2016, The Philippines feed had an opaque screen bug but on the HD simulcast, it isn't but resized.

Bottom Right Screen Bug

This type of screen bug only applies to the following:


The screen bug of the US feed as of today. It is at the bottom-right and is not transparent.

  • United States
  • Latin America
  • Turkey

The screen bug in the United States during the Yes!, Summer '07 and Fall era has been shown to be transparent at that time. Some other time in the CHECK it era was also transparent.

Era Variations

The Fall era is the first era to introduce banners together with Noods, CHECK it and Dimensional. Later, CHECK it 3.0 introduced new banners along with 4.0 and heavily replaced again by Dimensional today.

Comparison of various episode banners (New Episodes, Special etc.)

In Check It 3.0, the banners were white with either blue- or pink-colored text, while in Check It 4.0, the banners are yellow with black-colored text. Another change took effect with Dimensional on February 2016 when almost all banners are blue with white text and shortening the NEW EPISODE phrase into just NEW.
Comparison 2

Comparison of transitional scheduling on the screen bugs

The 3.0 transition shows characters from various cartoons in the network's high contrast colors. In 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, the N hits the C to the middle of the screen, then the C hits the transition to show the upcoming programming, while in 4.0, blocks with various characters on them fly in from behind and below the screen bug to form a straight line next to the logo, then turn upward to show the scheduling.


As the eras go by, the screen bug gets a new look every time it is rebranded.

For example, the Check It 1.0 changed various episode banner designs from 3.0 and the schedule banner from the screen bug from the 3.0 also changed to the 4.0


  • Until the Fall Era. Those feeds listed above the bottom-right screen bugs were not transparent anymore and is replaced with a solid fill.
    • However until the Powerhouse era. The transparency for the bottom-right screen bug feeds has been removed and re-added in the Yes! Era. CN City is the only era in which solid fill was first seen.
  • After the introduction of the Check It 4.0 in South-East Asia, their screen bug from the upper-right corner was solid fill and not transparent
  • Countries including India and UK/Ireland once have solid fill in their screen bug, until the defunct of the New Wave era. It is now transparent until now.
  • The episode banner designs from the Check It era has been changed several times.

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