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Puppet Pal Clem & Puppet Pal Mitch
Puppet Pals
Character Information
Gender Males
Species Puppets
Affiliation TV Puppet Pals
Occupation Children's Show Hosts, Comedians
Interests Physical Comedy
Production Information
Voice Actor Rob Paulsen (Mitch)
Tom Kenny (Clem)
First Appearance TV Super Pals

Puppet Pals Mitch and Clem (voiced by: Rob Paulsen and Tom Kenny) are puppets seen in a TV show during The Justice Friends segments of Dexter's Laboratory. They also appear in short live-action time-filler segments of their own. Their appearances parody 2 Muppets, Bert and Ernie, from Sesame Street and they also perform behind a Sesame Street-like brick wall. Their main sketch involves Puppet Pal Mitch telling a joke in which the punchline is the word "bonk", Mitch would then "bonk" Clem on the head, which is most likely a reference to classic puppets Punch and Judy. In the episode "TV Super Pals" they are controlled by Major Glory and Valhallen and vice versa in Krunk's dream. They also made an appearance in The Powerpuff Girls episode, "Mommy Fearest".


Puppet Pal Mitch (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is always on the right of the screen during the Puppet Pals Show. He wields a purple colored "bonker," which he uses to hit Clem in almost every skit. He wears a white shirt with a red bow tie similar to Pee-wee Herman's.


Puppet Pal Clem (voiced by Tom Kenny) is always on the left side of the screen during the Puppet Pals Show. He is shorter than Mitch, and wears a green hat with a flower on it, along with a striped shirt. He receives a bonk on the head by Mitch in every episode.


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