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Paintball Deer Hunter
Season 1, Episode 9
First Aired (CAN) August 26, 2007
First Aired (USA) July 31, 2008
Challenge A Paintball deer hunt
Winner(s) Killer Bass
Eliminated Cody
Episode Guide
"Up the Creek"
"If You Can't Take The Heat..."

The two teams compete in a paint ball contest with the teams divided into "hunters" and "deer". One member of an alliance stands up against its leader. And another person is voted off at the campfire ceremony after being mauled by a bear.


The campers are rudely roused from their slumber by the loud noise of Chris flying over the camp in a helicopter. Heather asks Beth and Lindsay to warm up the shower for her and a short time later, a long line can be seen outside the communal washroom waiting for Heather to finish. Shortly afterward, Chris is heard over the loudspeakers asking the campers to assemble at the campfire pit. At the campfire, Chris says today's challenge is about survival with a paintball deer hunt for the teams, he then reveals an arsenal of Paintball Guns. Chris states the Killer Bass hunters are Harold, Geoff and Bridgette using blue paintballs and the Gopher hunters are Owen, Beth, LeShawna and Lindsay using orange paint with everybody else taking the roles of "deer" wearing antler headgear and deer tails.

Out in the woods, the "deers" are unhappy about their roles except for Cody, who says in the confessional stall that he is used to dodging things in real life. Heather says she's going to get Beth and Lindsay to protect her for the entire time of the game and dismisses a suggestion from Gwen that this would be illegal under the rules. The scene shifts to the Killer Bass hunters where Harold tries to console Bridgette, who thinks hunting is wrong, by saying Heather is one of the deer and this point improves Bridgette's outlook quite a bit on the whole hunting matter.

Just after Chris announces the hunt has started, Owen splashes urine, from a jar, on himself to mask his scent, to the revulsion of the other hunters of his team. Beth and Lindsay are snarled at by Heather, who orders Lindsay to get her berries and Beth to get a bag of non barbecue chips from the dining hall. In a confessional, Beth complains that Heather can be so bossy in her attitude with her and other people.

Owen continues to prowl the woods, spots DJ nearby and tries to sneak up on him. Elsewhere, Beth sneaks into the main lodge past Chef's watchful eyes for the chips Heather demanded. Back with Owen, the hunter is suddenly startled by a snake and DJ, alerted to Owen's presence, runs off followed by Owen. Back at the mess hall, Beth manages to barely get out of it with the bag of chips without Chef spotting her. In a confessional, Beth chastises herself for what she did for someone she doesn't even like. Owen maintains his chase of DJ but only succeeds in hurting himself in the process. Beth talks with Cody and tells him she had it with the game after risking her life for a bag of chips. Heather is angry that Beth ate most of the chips and orders Beth to get her another one but Beth refuses to go. Moments later, Heather is shot by Harold and Bridgette. Owen heads up a hill shooting at DJ but when they reach the top, Owen has run out of paintballs and is tossed off the hill into the water below by DJ.

File:I296386197 7578 4.jpg

Elsewhere, Heather calls an alliance meeting with Lindsay and interrupts Beth shooting at a "deer" to tell Beth she can stay in the alliance if she apologizes for her earlier actions but Beth refuses. The two argue back and forth with Beth stating that Heather is more concerned with bossing people around than winning challenges. At another location, Owen, soaking wet, is determined to get a deer and, spotting Duncan walking by, quickly finds a new target. The fighting between Heather and Beth continues on with LeShawna overhearing the argument and stopping to watch. LeShawna accidentally shoots Heather by mistake and when Heather turns to angrily berate LeShawna, Beth shoots Heather as well.

Elsewhere, Owen is up in a tree getting ready to shoot Duncan, who is drinking from a nearby pond. However, a loud fart by Owen alerts Duncan to his presence and he runs off. Cody is along in the woods eating chips with his confessional (filmed afterwards) showing him in a wheelchair and heavily bandaged. A moment or so later, the reason for his future state becomes clear when Cody is confronted by an hungry bear. Elsewhere, Heather shoots paintballs at LeShawna and Beth and they return the favor. In another location, Courtney and Duncan quibble over which direction the camp is located and accidentally lock their "antlers" as a result. In confessional, Duncan says that he kinda liked having antlers locked with Courtney.  After that Courtney asks "now what?", Duncan responds asking Courtney if she would like to make out with him, after that there was no response from Courtney only a blank expression which we would have to take her answer has a no-go.

Harold, Geoff and Bridgette spot the paintball fight between Leshawna, Heather and Beth and start shooting at the latter for fun just as the announcement that the hunt is over. Chris surveys the campers and tells them about Cody getting mauled by a bear. Courtney and Duncan (who are stuck) come to the camp grounds but Bridgette and Geoff untangle them. Chris declares the Killer Bass won the challenge.

At the campfire ceremony, Heather declares she votes for Beth and one other camper if she could (most likely LeShawna). In the confessional, Cody figures he's safe as he's a quick healer and everybody hates Heather. In the campfire ceremony, Chris gives the marshmallows to Trent, Lindsay, Owen, Gwen, Leshawna and Beth. The last marshmallow goes to Heather. In the end, Cody is voted off the island and was wheeled to the Dock of Shame by Beth, who shows Cody the idol she kept from Boney Island in the previous challenge. Cody is scared and tries to mumble something to her but Beth doesn't seem to understand. She kisses Cody on the cheek which makes his wheelchair roll off of the Dock of Shame.


  • Challenge 1: Campers were to participate in a paintball hunting contest. Each hunter of a team that bests a deer of the opposing team earns a point for their team. The winning team receives invincibility from the campfire ceremony.
    • Geoff, Bridgette, Harold, and The Killer Bass win over The Screaming Gophers when Harold, Bridgette, and Geoff snipe LeShawna, Heather, and Beth, whereas, none of The Bass deer had been hit.


Actor Role
Christian Potenza Chris
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Scott McCord Owen
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Novie Edwards LeShawna
Sarah Gadon Beth
Peter Oldring Cody
Drew Nelson Duncan
Clé Bennett DJ
Brian Froud Harold
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay

Sadie, Trent, Geoff & Chef Hatchet appear, but have no lines (although Sadie was heard cheering when the Killer Bass won the challenge).


  • (in recap)
    Chris: Will Beth live to regret her souvenir? And can my teeth possibly get any whiter?(shows teeth)
  • (the girl campers are standing outside the shower/restroom, desperately needing to go)
    Bridgette: What's the hold-up?!
    Lindsay: Heather needs her private time.
    LeShawna: How long's 'Queenie' going to be in there? I got urgent business!
    Beth: She could still be a while.
    Gwen: That does it. I'm going lumberjack style. (walks off)
  • Owen: Beans, beans, they're good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you... (gets hit in the head with a can of beans)
  • Duncan: (To Owen) What are you looking at?

Owen: Oh nothing.... Bambi!

  • Cody: (in confessional) I was so psyched to be a deer! I'm small, but I'm quick. Lots of from practice dodging spitballs in math class.
  • (Owen splashes himself with a yellow liquid)
    Beth: What are you doing?
    Owen: Masking my scent so the deer don't smell me coming.
    LeShawna: Tell me that isn't...
    Owen: Pee? Yes! Yes it is.
    Beth: EWW!
    Owen: I got some more if you need some.
    Beth: We're hunting other campers; you don't have to hide your scent!
    Owen: You mean I collected all this pee for nothing?! (throws cup in the air)
    (Lindsay and Beth run away as the cup lands beside Leshawna)
    LeShawna: Dude, you are one sick ticket.
  • Owen: It's on, DJ! Your butt's a hamburger and I'm one hot barbecue!
  • (in confessional)
    Beth: So I'm running for my life from this psycho chef when all of a sudden, it hits me! I'm doing this for Heather?! I don't even like her!
  • Cody: Bag any deer yet?
    Beth: No, but I did risk my life to steal a bag of chips.
  • Heather: (to Beth) We've been talking about you.
    Lindsay: We have?
    Heather: Zip it, Lindsiot.
  • Beth: Do you know why we keep losing challenges?
    Heather: Because they're lame and stupid?
    Beth: No, because you're so busy being mean that you don't even try. All you can think of is bossing us around!
  • (Heather gasps then throws her deer nose at Beth)
  • Beth: Oh, that's it!
  • Heather: Bring it, dweeb!
  • Heather: I can make your life miserable here!
    Beth: You already do, Miss "Come put lotion on my nasty alligator skin!"
  • (Duncan is spray painting a skull on a tree. Courtney appears)
    Courtney: Why do you smell worse then usual?
    Duncan: It's Owen's stink. It's following me around like my juvenile record.
  • Duncan: Sure, we could've taken those lame-o antler hats off, but Miss Counselor-In-Training would probably go blab to Chris and have us disqualified. And hey, I kinda liked it.
  • (Duncan and Courtney are stuck together by the antlers)
    Courtney: Now what?!
    Duncan: ... You wanna make out?
  • Chris: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Stealing from Chef, eating chips in the woods, being mauled by bears.... Do you know what I see here? I see a very undisciplined group! I see a disgraceful mess! I see a massive waste of paint product! And I have to say, that... was... awesome! When you guys opened fire on your own team? Wicked TV, guys.
  • Owen: Time to go kick some Bass butt! (Owen rolls down hill and screams)
  • Owen:(Grabs onto roots on hill) Thank you little roots, please hold strong.(Stands up but forgets to let go of roots, he rolls down again and screams again)
  • Owen: What in the h*ll was that all about! (changed to heck in U.S.A)
  • Harold: Hey, where are Duncan and Courtney?
    (Sadie elbows Harold and gestures off-screen; everyone sees Duncan and Courtney walking towards them with their antlers stuck together)
    Gwen: Oh, this is too much.
    Owen: Duncan, you sly dog, you!
    Duncan: The girl can't keep her antlers off me. (Courtney kicks him in the nuts, in a squeaky voice) Can't even bend over...
  • (in confessional)
    Lindsay: I totally admire Belle for standing up to Heather, (worried) but she's so dead now!
  • Chris: There are only have seven marshmallows on this plate. When I call your name, come up and claim your marshmallow. The camper...
    Gwen: (speaking quickly) Who does not receive a marshmallow must immediately return to the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers and leave. Can't we just get this over with it?
    Chris: (annoyed) Fine, whatever. Spoil the moment.
  • (In the Confessional Can)
    Cody: Okay, I know I got mauled by a bear, but I'm feeling confident about this. Heather's as mean as a snake, dude! Her own team shot her like 18 times! They'll never kick me off.
    (switches to LeShawna)
    LeShawna: Who did I vote for? Well, Heather's been a pain in my butt from Day 1, but I got to say... Cody.
    (switches to Owen)
    Owen: Yeah, that Cody... not so useful in challenges anymore. (shrugs)
  • (Cody mumbles frantically, apparently trying to tell Beth that Heather is the reason he got voted off)
    Beth: I know, I can't believe I stood up to her, either!
    (Cody mumbles more; Beth cannot understand however)
    Beth: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine! And... I still have my good luck charm! (shows Cody the tiki idol; he starts to panic) See? I found it on Boney Island last week. Cool,huh? Goodbye Cody! Take care! (Beth kisses Cody on the cheek, but Cody seems to be trying to warn Beth about the Boney Island tiki doll; he falls off the dock and his wheelchair sinks)


  • Title Reference: This episode title parodies the war-drama film, "The Deer Hunter".
  • Unedited this episode would be rated TV-PG DL.
  • All dialog edits in this episode can be found on the Edits page.
  • The final marshmallow went to Heather in this episode.
  • The campers in the confessional for this episode were Cody, Beth, Duncan, LeShawna, Owen, and Lindsay.
  • Beth breaks her alliance with Heather and Lindsay in this episode.
  • Heather calls Lindsay "Lindsiot" in this episode; a portmanteau of Lindsay and idiot.
  • When Cody talks in the Confessional stall, he has many bandages and scars on his body, but he has not been mauled by the bear yet when these confessionals are shown, meaning his confessions were taken after the challenge had ended.
  • The Gophers have Red Guns (similar to the Bass colors) and the Bass have Green Guns (similar to the Gopher colors). This likely means that the guns represent who the the team is hunting.
  • When Beth is hiding from Chef, he is whistling the show's theme song.
  • It is revealed in this episode that LeShawna may be near-sighted, as she seemed to have trouble seeing Heather and the others from a distance to the point where she could not seem to make them out. However, this disability is never referenced in any other episode.
  • This episode marks the fourth loss for the Screaming Gophers and their second consecutive loss (having lost in Up The Creek, the previous episode).
  • The only campers who were hit with paintballs were LeShawna, Heather, Beth, and Lindsay. Out of all of them Heather was the only one who was actually a deer in the challenge. Lindsay was the only one not involved in the fight that broke out within her own team, but still got hit by paintballs from the Killer Bass.
  • DJ seems to gain animal instincts in this episode, as he trotted around on all four and was afraid of Owen when he about to shoot (even though it was just paint) and then kicked Owen off the ledge as though he wanted to get even for almost shooting him (then kicking rocks and dirt over the edge after him), which makes it the first episode that he is show using his strength out of anger.
  • When Cody falls in the lake, he is assumed to have been saved off-screen as he is shown to be alive and fully healed in Haut Camp-ture.
  • While Cody is eliminated because of his injury and lack of usefulness in future challenges, Trent is notorious for being severely injured several times (making him useless in the challenges), and he was never voted off on account of that; due to the Gophers winning each time he got severely injured (except in If You Can't Take The Heat...).
  • Gwen forlornly says goodbye to Cody as he is wheeled out, showing she has respect for him once he hooked her up with Trent, and undoubtedly considered him a good friend to her at this point.
  • It is unclear how exactly Cody would have gotten eliminated. LeShawna and Owen are the only two campers explicitly seen voting for Cody. Heather and Lindsay confirmed that they voted for Beth, leaving only Gwen, Trent, Beth, and Cody's votes unknown. Judging by the way Cody speaks, he could not have voted himself off, and it is not likely that Gwen or Trent would vote off Cody (considering he played such a large part in getting the two together), and both would more likely vote off Heather instead. It is possible that Gwen or Trent were worried for Cody's condition and how it might endanger him in future challenges and voted him off so he could recover without having to worry about him being even more severely injured or possibly killed, however by the sound of Gwen's voice when she said goodbye to Cody, she probably did not vote Cody off or did so but was sad about doing it. Beth also probably voted off Heather because of what happened during the episode.
  • Chris starts to chew out the campers for their horrible skills at survival such as eating chips in the woods or stealing from Chef (even though he later says it made excellent TV material); this may hint that Chris is experienced with survival in the wild and he has done this himself many times before.
  • Heather, LeShawna, Beth, Lindsay, Owen and Cody all got either injured or dirtied in the episode (Heather, LeShawna, Beth and Lindsay got covered in paint, Owen got drenched in mud and water and Cody got mauled by a bear).
  • The Boat of Losers was oddly not present at all to pick up Cody from the Dock of Shame, making it the first (and only time) the boat was not there to pick the losing camper up.
  • Technically, Heather was supposed to be disqualified because she took off her nose despite Chris saying that taking off any part of the outfit is against the rules. However, since he was not witness to this happening, Heather got away with it.
  • Duncan references the previous episode when Chris flies the helicopter and mistakes it for the RCMP, (who had attempted to arrest Izzy) and recoils in terror.
  • Owen and DJ return to the giant cliff shown in the first challenge, parodying the movie, Bambi (which Owen actually referenced earlier).
  • The bear appears in the Confessional stall eating chips after he mauls Cody.
  • Gwen and Trent were the only Gophers who were came out of the challenge unscathed.
  • None of the Killer Bass were hit by paint at all, and the only damage that came to any of them at all is when Courtney kicked Duncan in the groin.


  • Lindsay's Name Goof(s): Lindsay calls Beth "Belle" in this episode.
  • After Chris announces that the final marshmallow goes to Heather, the marshmallow plate that he is holding is full of marshmallows.
  • When Cody is mauled by the bear and covered in bandages, he is able to speak before he gets to the campfire ceremony (saying that he is confident that he wouldn't be eliminated). After he is eliminated, he is unable to speak due to bandages covering his mouth that he obviously did not have or need before that time.
  • When Beth gave the chips to Heather, she said the bag was nearly empty, having only eleven chips left. However, when Cody was eating the chips, it appeared to be full.
  • When Beth tells off Heather, she takes off her deer nose and throws it at her. But in the next scene, where she and Beth are having a stare-down, her nose is back on.
  • During the recap of the previous episode, Lindsay is seen with a worried look on her face when Chris is announced who the final marshmallow goes to. However, during this scene in the episode itself, she is playing with her hair, not looking worried in the least.
  • After Owen is hunting DJ, he is out of paintballs. But when he starts hunting Duncan, he says that he has at least one paintball. He may have gone back to reload his gun off-screen, however.
  • When Heather is sitting on the tree stump, she is hit by two orange paintballs shot by Bridgette and Harold, but the Killer Bass' paintballs are blue.
  • When Beth takes Cody to the dock and pulls out her statue, it is small to the point where she can hold it with two fingers. In all the other episodes with the statue, it is much bigger to the point that she needs her whole hand to hold it.
  • When Owen is stalking DJ, his paintball gun is green, though the color for the Screaming Gophers is red.
  • When Owen falls off the cliff,the back of his shirt is seen without the number 0 on it.
  • At one point, Owen's paintball gun is green, but the Screaming Gophers paintball guns are red.

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