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New Weekends is a new block that was featured in 2015 and was only available in the Philippines feed, replacing Laughternoons for releasing new episodes from their ongoing shows. It starts 9:15 in the morning and ends in the afternoon.


  • This is the only block that doesn't feature on the HD Simulcast of its own feed.
  • This is also the only block that features on one feed (Philippines).
  • The styles for this block are the following:
    • Tiles and blocks falling, popping and puzzling
    • Characters in high contrast colors resembling Check It 3.0 just like the Laughternoons block. Does not however animate.
  • This block doesn't replace Laughternoons, it is just an addition. However it replaces Laughternoons for featuring new episodes, the block now only primarily focuses on funny-based moments and clips.

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