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Numbuh 9, almost entirely codenamed only as Maurice, used to be one of the best KND Operatives besides Numbuh 1, 274, 362, and 0. He was famous for all of his successful attempts to find a cure for chickenpox. However, he did not have enough time to finish because he had to become decommissioned after & when he became 13, leading to everybody crying (especially Numbuh 4). He used to be the leader for the pre-Numbuh 1 team Sector V. At that time, Cree, a powerful and great enemy of the KND, was also revealed to have been a KND Operative, but she became evil for no reason. Cree, Numbuh 5, Numbuh 86, and a Teen-Ninja girl who wears cheerleader clothes all the time had a crush on him, all revealing in Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E..

Later on in that episode, after he was decommissioned, he had an iPod in his pockets and had no idea where he was (or was he?). Then, he was ordered then to take out a garbage bag and argued with his mother without eye-contact. Then, Numbuh 5 and 4 inspected on him while a cheerleader Teen Ninja caught an eye of Maurice, and started flirting with him, which made Numbuh 5 jealous. Soon, the Teen Ninjas attacked Numbuhs 5 and 4 while the rest of Sector V in the 2 X 4 Technology Vehicle U.N.D.E.R.P.O.U.N.D.E.R. were fighting the Teen Ninjas, and Sector V was winning, but Maurice tried to realize this when he was being distracted by the cheerleader teen. He was later captured by the cheerleader teen in a plane while Numbuh 5 failed to save him.

While Numbuh 5 went to Chickenpox Island after she blew up all the major vehicles of the Teen Ninjas, she found 10 million mini-virus chickens sent into a cannon aiming at children in a fair planned a victim-lure by Cree, her older sister. Numbuh 5 tried to sabotage the Chickenpox Cannon, but Maurice had stole her M.A.R.B.L.E. (a 2 X 4 Technology ball that explodes everytime it reacts with a solid material). Then, Cree was telling Numbuh 5 that now he has become one of the Teen Ninjas, but then, Numbuh 5 starts to cry and admit that she gives up, telling that she thought Cree used to be the best member of her team when she was an operative before. Cree, realizing that she used to be a KND Operative, had figured out that Abigail thought she was one of the reasons why Sector V was a great team, and tried to forgive herself for betraying her sister, but then, the Chickenpox Cannon started to malfunction, as this made Cree think Numbuh 5 betrayed her, until Maurice threw the M.A.R.B.L.E. at Cree into the chicken viruses.

Numbuh 5 saw Maurice betray Cree from aiming chickenpox at the kids, and she realized that Maurice never became a Teen Ninja. He explains that sometimes the Decommissioning Chamber is not powerful enough to clean the memories of one of the greatest KND Operatives, and he was one of them. However, Maurice had told him that she cannot tell anybody, even her own Sector (V) about this. Then, the Chickenpox Cannon missed the children (who were all enjoying a show of flying chickens, and had no idea it was going to aim at them) and the chickenpox cannon landed chickenpox at all the teenagers at the auditorium in Cree's High School. Chickenpox Island was destroyed, and all the Teen Ninjas are forced to retreat. The next day, he shows up at the Lincolns' house to give flowers for Cree. Cree, who still believes that Maurice is a Teen Ninja, tell him to help her finish the KND. He lies to her he will.

He could be named after the actor he works on Codename: Kids Next Door, Maurice LaMarche, who voices Father.


  • Maurice: Stupid trash (whispering, then shouting) YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!
Maurice's mother: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!
Maurice: Nothin..

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