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Lord F​use is the ruler and leader of Planet Fusion, he is also called "King of fusions". He is the main villain or antagonist of the game Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall. His main goal is to conquer worlds that passes trough his planet Planet Fusion. He is the cause of the destruction and cause of the Cartoon Network World. He created monsters called "Fusion" or simply counter part of Cartoon Network characters. It is unknown if he came from another galaxy or another dimension. It is also unknown that he have lived for a thousand or million of years traveling through the galaxy. He had invaded countless words and succeeded many of them.


Before Fuse have come to Cartoon Network World, he invaded several worlds including Anur Phaetos, the home planet of Ben's alien Ghostfreak. But they agreed to spare their planet, but still have him in conquest. He tried to invade Glorft's planet, home world of Megas XLR main enemies.When he entered the Solar System, he invaded planet Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and some other planet in the Solar System.

Most of the time, he is in his planet, looking and spying on CN world. There he created and lead his Fusion monsters to CN world for battle. He also study alot of things to use it for the war against CN world.

In the later part of the war, Fuse starts to join in. By manisting a physical form on the surface of CN world, he planned to trnsfer his energy down to that form, allowing him to appear on CN world and powerup his forces inside his lair. Fuse succesfully materialize himself to that form, but the shield that protects him was destroyed, thanks to the hero. The hero is ablr to destroy and defeat Fuse's form after a long and difficult fight against him. Because the form in his lair was only an interior manifestation of Fuse himself, Fuse energies simply return to his planet and he is able to continue to lead his invasion.

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