List of Regular Show Villains.

Main Villains

  • Benson the main antagonist of the series.

Recurring Villains

  • Mr. Maellard Was owner of the park and Pop's adoptive father.
  • Starla Gutsmandottir, also known as Muscle Woman, is an obese, green woman similar in appearance to Muscle Man. She works at Icy & Hot Jewelry & Apparel. Was developed a crush on Mordecai and dated two other boys as indicated by a tattoo on her lower back. When Mordecai broke up with her, she became extremely angry, destroying everything in her path, including a helicopter. She is back together with Muscle Man after he expressed his feelings towards her at the end of the episode.
  • Death is a recurring antagonist/protagonist in Regular Show. He makes his debut in the episode, "Over the Top". He is beaten by Skips in an arm wrestling battle to decide whether he would take Skips' soul in exchange for Rigby's life. He returns in the episode "Skips Strikes" with his team the Magical Elements where he competes against the Park Strikers, a bowling team consisting of Rigby, Skips, Mordecai, Benson, and for a little bit, Pops. He returns in "Dead at Eight", along with his wife and their son, Thomas. Most recently, he appeared in "Exit 9B" to help Mordecai and Rigby.
  • The Guardians of Eternal Youth are a group of babies that guard and give the ability of eternal youth. Skips worships them so he doesn't die. The Guardians of Eternal Youth are five big chubby babies with deep voices that granted Skips eternal youth. They are shown during "Free Cake" and "Fists of Justice" (also during "Brain Eraser" and individually during "Skips Strikes", "Quips", and "Terror Tales of the Park III"). They demand that Skips needs to perform a ritual on his birthday to retain eternal youth, and they try to take it away from him when Rigby interrupts Skips during the ritual. They apparently love cake (especially chocolate), since they restored Skips' eternal youth in exchange for cake (which they rubbed on themselves, much to Rigby's dismay). Reginald appeared in Skips Strikes as a member of the Magical Elements. In Fists of Justice, they call Skips to fight Klordbane the Destroyer.
    • Gary is the messenger for the Guardians of Eternal Youth. He owns an El Camino, which can fly, and travels through a wormhole of some kind to reach the floating oasis where the Guardians of Eternal Youth live. He also has stars for eyes. Gary's first appearance is in the episode, "Free Cake", in which he appears to condemn Skips to death after he didn't complete the ritual of youth dance. Skips is a friend of Gary's since he said, "Gary, you don't have to do this!" He was seen competing against Skips at bowling in "Skips Strikes," along with other minor characters from Seasons 1 and 2. He was on a bowling team called "Magical Elements". In "Cool Bikes," he appears to be friends with Mordecai and Rigby, acting as their lawyer. When the Cool Courthouse explodes, he is seen escaping in his El Camino. He appears in the Season 4 premiere, "Exit 9B", assisting Skips and the others with his El Camino after Skips whistles for them. After Mordecai and Rigby obtain Benson's signature, Gary later returns in his El Camino with the others riding along. After Thomas gets knocked down by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr., Gary rushes with the El Camino to save him. When the portal is returning everything to normal, he's seen dodging obstacles. After that, he doesn't appear just like the other characters, but can be presumed returning back to his location.
  • Gene is a vending machine who is the main antagonist in the episode "Prankless". He is the park manager of East Pines and tries to destroy the Park by having a huge prank war. He reappears in The Christmas Special. He helps the park workers get to the lava pit quicker by holding the door so Quillgin can't get through. His latest appearance had him being beaten at dodgeball by Benson.
  • Frank Smith, Margaret's father, is a character who makes his first appearance in "Family BBQ". He is described as being very aggressive. He has a close relationship with Margaret and is afraid of possibly losing her to one of her boyfriends. He is the traffic reporter for the local news and flies in a helicopter called Chopper 6. He seems to be the only human in his family.
  • Principal Dean is the principal of West Anderson High School.
  • Dr. Reuben Langer is a main antagonist in Regular Show season 7. He is a scientist, who helped put the dome on the park for the second time. Initially his primary goal was to usurp the position of park manager from Benson for unknown reasons, but he mainly stays to test all of the Park members, and eventually sends them into space. In reality, he's one of Earth's operative of Space Tree Intergalactic Official's branch to operate the main characters' preparation to protect and awaken Pops' true potential as the Chosen One against a dangerous outcome lies above them, who is none other than Pops' brother Anti-Pops. He first appeared in "The Button".
  • Colonel Rawls is a recurring former antagonist on Regular Show Season 8a. He is in charge of the park workers and has Chance Sureshot, Toothpick Sally, and Recap Robot working under him. He also commands the Space Tree Station.
  • Anti-Pops, a.k.a. "He Who will Erase Us" and real name Malum Kranus is the last and most powerful villain and main antanonist of Season 8b in Regular Show. He first made his debut at the end of the Season Eight episode "The Dream Warrior" and made a full appearance in "Space Escape". He looks exactly like Pops but with an entirely black appearance and is also evil, which turns out that he is Pops' illegitimate brother, as both siblings was born in their home planet Lolliland. For reasons this hasn't been revealed yet, other than having born with completely different gift, he wants his brother dead. Mordecai and Rigby gave him the nickname "Anti-Pops", after they first saw him. In the finale, he dies with Pops, and before he does, regrets all of the 1-star ratings he's posted on various online food and beverage services, signifying a change in his personality, he then hugged back his brother before he and Pops die.

Minor Villains

  • The Destroyer of Worlds is a video game character that spawned in real life due to the negligence of Rigby. He appears to be nothing more than a pixelated floating devil head.
  • The Hot Dogs are the main antagonists of the episode, "Meat Your Maker". Rigby found them in the meat locker when he and Mordecai were looking for hot dogs.The leader tricked Rigby by saying that it was their destiny to be taken to a barbecue so they could be eaten. When everyone was about to cook them though, they captured Mordecai, Benson, Pops, and Skips and began marinating them, saying that they were doing so as revenge for their brethren that had fallen to the barbecue.When they were about to capture Rigby, he sprayed one of them with mustard. This prompted the other Hot Dogs to eat the mustard-covered Hot Dog, which was when Rigby found out their weakness was mustard, because they liked the taste, but it was on them so they started eating each other and themselves. Rigby then sprayed the rest of them, resulting in the Hot Dogs eating each other.They were voiced by J.G. Quintel, William Salyers, Sam Marin, and Mark Hamill, while the leader was voiced by Tim Curry. The Hot Dogs got revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in the episode, "Exit 9B" but got sent back to the afterlife after Thomas signed the document.
  • The Unicorns appear in "The Unicorns Have Got to Go" after Mordecai puts on some cologne which the unicorns are attracted to called Dude Time. So far, they have always appeared in a group. During the episode, Rigby befriends them (due to his more mischievous nature and because he acts more like them), but the unicorns begin to abuse their "friendship" until he is inclined to get rid of them. They have also tied Benson up and gagged him and called him a nerd. The Unicorns seem to enjoy farting on people when they farted on Rigby several times. They frequently do a "bro out". Skips and Benson get rid of them by challenging them to a drag race with Mordecai and Rigby. After the Unicorns speed away, Skips activates a ramp, propelling the Unicorns into the sky. Benson presses a button on a remote, causing the Unicorns' drag racer to explode, killing them. Benson says calmly, "That's the only way to get rid of Unicorns."They appeared again revived in "House Rules" when they started living in the Land of No Rules and saw Mordecai and Rigby who made their drag racer explode on them and also got told by the No Rules Man that they told him what to do and try to kill them for that. Then, they exploded again.
  • The Master Prank Caller is, as his name suggests, the master of prank calls. He can prank anyone at anytime by talking to them on a phone. He is a large 80's style cell phone with human arms and legs. He is later revealed to be a man in cell phone armour, although he most likely is of inhuman origin because he is capable of performing strange feats of magic - just by dialing numbers on himself, he can get anything he wants (limo, 80's clothes, etc.). He can even send prank-callers he pranks to various years in the past. He also (underneath his phone armour) vaguely resembles an alien like ET.He first appears in "Prank Callers", pranking an old lady on the internet. Mordecai and Rigby decide to be prank-callers like him and try to prank him. However, it goes wrong and they are transported to 1982 by him. They try to return to the present by sending Benson, Pops, and Skips there to help them prank the Master Prank Caller. After a long chase, they stop him and return to the present through a place filled with doors and a specific year is labeled above each. They find the door and go back home. Then he tells Mordecai and Rigby that all he wanted to do was to do prank calls like them and so they become friends and prank call Benson.
  • John Sorrenstein also know as Muscla Brother, Even though Muscle Man resembles a zombie, monster, or a disfigured humanoid with green skin, his brother has pale red skin and resembles a tall, plump, grown man. It is revealed that he's older than Muscle Man because he calls him 'little brother' on the radio. He arrives to teach Mordecai and Rigby a lesson on making fun of their mom. He also appears in "Trucker Hall of Fame", where he strikes a piñata in a flashback and scorpions fall on him. He also makes a cameo appearance in "Pie Contest ". He reappears in Trailer Trashed where he helps Muscle Man save his trailer with his truck.
  • Garrett Bobby Ferguson, Sr. (G.B.F.), also incorrectly referred to as Giant Bearded Face or Giant Beardo Face, is the main antagonist who appears in the episode "High Score" and is from outer space. He was also the universe record holder for an arcade game called Broken Bonez. That is, until he was dethroned by Mordecai and Rigby which caused him to die in an explosion of goo. He is a parody of the world renowned videogame highscore champion Billy Mitchell, who currently holds the record for playing a perfect game of Pac-Man. Garrett also appeared in the episode "Video Game Wizard", as a bronze statue. It's also likely that The Ferguson Convention Center was named after him.He is the secondary antagonist of the episode Exit 9B. His son, Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. revives most of the villains in the past episodes, including his father. But, all the park workers signed the petition to save the park and all the villains including the two G.B.Fs went back to the portal.
  • The Hammer is the final boss of a nameless videogame about a Karate Duo going through levels while they have to defeat enemies, such as the Triple Thugs and the Big Pink Monster, who can only be defeated by "kicking him in the junk", meaning to literally kick him in the pile of garbage he's carrying. The Hammer is the final boss in the game. He is invulnerable to regular attacks and takes away a whole life with a single attack. He can only be damaged when he's hit with furniture. While starting to play the game on a mysterious foreign television, the T.V., game system, controllers, and plugs came to life and formed a blue holographic body around it, creating a physical form in the real world for the Hammer, who promptly beat up Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost. Mordecai realized that furniture was the only way to beat him, so everyone grabbed anything they could find and started to hit the Hammer with it. Just as the Hammer was about to come down on Skips, Mordecai threw a chair to Skips, and the Hammer hit his crotch on the seat of the chair. Rigby, and Mordecai then killed him once and for all by pinning him down, grabbing the control pads in his hands, and defeating him in the game.In "Exit 9B", he is revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. and fighting the God of Basketball, when No Rules Man knocks him and Hammer punching the God of Basketball. However, he was sent back into the portal to the afterlife after Thomas signed the document that made the park a historical landmark.
  • Peter Hermanverfal, better known as Party Pete, is a character whom appeared as the main antagonist in the episode "Party Pete", which is revealed to be his clone as of his first actual appearance is in "Party Re-Pete" as a protagonist. His clone also appears in "Exit 9B"(only in his inflated disco form).He is likely German, judging by his accent. By the time he was kidnap the Underground Party Cloning organization after the party remained unknown.His clone runs a partying service that charges $50 an hour, which includes a promotional ice sculpture of him posing. Mordecai and Rigby hire him to revitalize their "tanking" party. However, they only have $8, so he offers them ten minutes of partying, and an ice sculpture of a urinal. When his time is up, Mordecai offers him a can of RadiCola, which he accepts enthusiastically. Pete ends up drinking way too many sodas, which results in him becoming bloated and floating, and eventually exploding.When the Park Workers finds Benson in the Underground Party Cloning base, Party Pete, along with the two imprisoned Party Hosts are freed by the Workers and escape from the cloning base together. However, they are ambushed by the underground party cloning guards, but managed to fight back until Vince and Tommy kills the remaining two party Host. Once Benson destroys Pete's clone and the cloning base with it, Pete, along with the Park Workers, Vince and Tommy survived, same time when the police found the base so quickly as they apprehended Vince and Tommy for cloning the Party Hosts. During a celebration of Benson's return, Party Pete (now goes by his real name) will leave the scene, but Mordecai stops him from leaving and want to offers Pete that he can go back to being a party king. However, Pete tells him that he would rather try to successfully complete a sudoku puzzle and notes that he can't possibly be party king as Benson has already assumed the true role.According to Calvin Wong, he was based on Europop singer, Günther, singer of "Ding Dong Song". It was played often during the episode's production.Pete makes a cameo in "Caveman" while Gregg was watching television.
  • Susan made her debut in "Benson Be Gone". She was hired by Mr. Maellard to replace Benson as the park's manager, due to things that Mordecai and Rigby did.Susan was hired as The Park manager by Mr. Maellard, because of Mordecai and Rigby's actions, but Benson was blamed for, these being prank calls worth up to $1/2 Grands, snacks disappearing from the snack bar, and holes in the walls. Susan was to help get the park back on track and fix the many errors that Benson made, even launching an indirect insult about how Benson managed the park. At first, Susan appeared to be nice and organized, but later, she started showing her true personality. She first fired Benson, after directly refusing to obey Susan's overworking demands and giving the consent to fire him, after becoming a slacker like Mordecai and Rigby. She then forced everyone else to work incredibly hard, and in the process, they begin transforming into clones of herself, albeit with their own faces. However, Benson stayed as his old self and helped free Mordecai, Rigby, and everyone else from Susan's influence by convincing them to slack off. This made Susan angry, so she went into the ground and returned as a giant. She tried to kill everyone with a building in her hands but Mr.Maellard came and stalled her so she dropped the building and picked up Mr. Maellard instead and was about to crush him until Leon drove Mr. Maellard's limo at Susan and smashed off both of the heels in her shoes. Without the heels on her shoes, Susan lost balance and fell into the fiery pit, killing her.
  • The Game Store Manager shows up in the episode "But I Have a Receipt". He is the only one who thinks the The Realm of Darthon is cool and he refuses to give Mordecai and Rigby a refund. He is very nerdy, and probably isn't very athletic. He gets angry when they brutally sabotage his business by getting rid of everyone, so he traps them in the game and becomes Darthon. He almost killed them in the game but they begin to use their imagination and Mordecai stabs him with a sword (which was actually a ruler). After his defeat, he gives Mordecai and Rigby back their money which was $7 (or as Rigby calls it, 7 bones). He tries to go, but Mordecai tells him that they can take him to the hospital, due to him having been impaled by a ruler, yet refuses the help, gets in his car, and is unable to move, due to the fact of the ruler was hitting the steering wheel and he died.He is revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in "Exit 9B". However, he was sent back to the portal after Thomas signs the document.
  • Summertime Song is the main antagonist in "This Is My Jam". It also appeared in "Exit 9B". While Rigby is dreaming, Summertime Song is released from his dream. When Rigby woke up, the Summertime Song is in his room, dancing and playing the song. Rigby asked Mordecai if it has an off switch, which it dosen't.It interferes with everybody in The Park. Having had enough, Mordecai asks Rigby a list of things he likes and puts them into a song, therefore creating Aw, Snap!, the way to destroy Summertime Song. However Summertime Song is not defeated, until Benson plays drums for Aw, Snap! After losing an audio battle to Aw, Snap!, Summertime Song is defeated and its body begins to rip open and finally bleeds out, destroying him. On a side note, Mordecai defeated Summertime Song simply by hitting it with a pole in "Exit 9B", causing the tapes inside to shoot out and the song to speed up before turning off.
  • Low Five Ghost appears in "See You There". He is Hi Five Ghost's brother. He was part of Muscle Man's prank to get revenge on Mordecai and Rigby. It is unknown why he was in jail. He is mentioned again in Gut Model, when Hi Five Ghost said he had to attend Low Five's graduation from the police academy. It is unclear whether prison reformed him that radically, or whether prison was only part of the prank. Low Five Ghost makes his first cameo appearance in "Pie Contest," then appears as a police officer in "Every Meat Burritos."
  • Howard "Hellion" Fightington, (August 15, 1880 - June 12, 1923) is the bald, mustachioed boss zombie from "Grave Sights". He is a very able-bodied and dexterous zombie, knocking out Skips with only one punch. He is capable of grabbing the two thrown javelins Mordecai and Rigby threw in mid-air, as well as returning the javelins back at them. At the climax of the episode, Mordecai and Rigby attempt to kill Howard Fightington by driving a golf-cart into him, ditching the cart at the last second, allowing the cart to destroy Fightington. He appears to be the strongest zombie that the gang fought off. Howard "Hellion" Fightington is revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in "Exit 9B". He was eventually sent back to the portal.
  • Huge Head On his way to the City Arena Center, Huge Head is run over by Pops's flying car, and then Pops unintentionally steals his place. For doing so, Huge Head plans to steal Pops's identity as revenge.He eventually returned in the episode "Men in Uniform" where it is revealed that he has been stalking and plotting revenge against Pops for the last 4 years. However his "plotting" mostly consisted of him hiding in the bushes while saying "Wait! Not yet...". Eventually he would finally get his chance to attack Pops when an Ugly Hole was formed from some hideous uniforms merging. However, when he attacked Pops he soon realized that he was being sucked into the hole as well for being so hideous, but planned to drag Pops along with him. Luckily he was stopped by Muscle Man who was also being sucked into the hole but instead hit Huge Head which sent him into the Ugly Hole, however his head was too big and ended up getting stuck between dimensions, leaving him as a large floating head floating in midair. Fortunately for Huge Head and the park, this proved to be quite beneficial for both of them as his freaky appearance drew in much attention to the park and to Huge Head as well who was driven to joyful tears upon finally getting the fame and attention he so dearly desired.He's last seen again in the episode "The Key to the Universe", unfortunately, he's already dead as his head is now a skeleton and is still floating in midair.
  • The Night Owl In the episode, the Night Owl holds a contest over the radio waves, offering a vintage muscle car for the last person standing on top of a huge billboard. Once he learns that the remaining contestants, Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost, have planned to share the car together, he freezes them in liquid nitrogen after fooling them into fighting each other in order to preserve his popularity for eternity.By the year 4224 AD, the Night Owl is monumentally famous and has a museum which was built around the contest and having his head and mind preserved in an owl-shaped robotic body. Once Mordecai and the gang are unfrozen, they take the muscle car to the Time Machine exhibit that the Night Owl built in his own museum, only to be stopped by the Night Owl himself. The gang, however, ran his robot over which made his head fall out and took the time machine to the very first day of the contest, stopping the Night Owl's contest for good. The Future version of the Night Owl was revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in "Exit 9B" to destroy Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost but was sent back to the afterlife after Thomas signed the document that made the park a historcal landmark.
  • The Duck Collector was the main antagonist from the episode "A Bunch of Baby Ducks". He had a duck obsession, indicated by the accessories in his truck. He kidnaps the baby ducks and after Mordecai and Rigby follow him on the back of the baby duck's mother, the two cause hwas truck to crash into the fountain at the park. The ducklings escape from him, but he declared that he will have them and nearly kills their mother, Mordecai, and Rigby; however, the baby ducks save them by transforming into a giant buff man with a duck's head that says "STEP OFF" (like Rigby taught them) and with an ignited hand, chopped and killed the Duck Collector.Later, he revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. as one of the enemies in "Exit 9B". He appears with the rest in the crowd from the start of the portal. He along with the rest then goes after them. Later, he's shown with a sword and goes towards to attack Mordecai, but then gets shoved by Rigby. Later on, he appears again, where he was about to attack Pops. During the attempt, Giant Susan gets thrown by the Baby Ducks (in transformation), and crashes on the road where the board was placed at where the Duck Collector was standing at the end of it. He then gets launched in the air, and the Baby Ducks (in transformation) then sees him and does the same move as shown in "A Bunch of Baby Ducks," while saying "STEP OFF," and kills the Duck Collector the same way they did in the first episode they appeared in, but in the air this time, and without the explosion.He was also the antagonist in the Regular Show game titled Winging It.
  • Chong is the name of a stick hockey champion who made his debut in Stick Hockey as the main antagonist of the episode. He badly injured Mordecai and Rigby, but lost to Benson, whom he called "Death Dragon". He also killed Benson's best friend Dave by snapping his head off using the hockey table's sticks, because Chong was almost losing. Mordecai and Rigby were close to beating him, but were beaten up by Chong. It is unknown if he was killed since the game was to the death.
  • Blonde Mens When they find out Mordecai is wearing a blonde wig, they try to kill him and Rigby. The whole organization is killed in the crossfire after Mordecai sets one of their rings to self-destruct and it explodes (While some of them died by Mordecai's laser ring). The leader has 10 rings on each finger (excluding his thumbs) and the words "BLOND 4 LYFE" tattooed on them, meaning that he actually has 12 fingers. Then the leader puts a giant ring around the center of his head. Their leader is enormous, being larger than any of the others. The Blonde Men (except their leader) were revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in "Exit 9B", but were sent back to the afterlife in the end.
  • The Stag-Man, otherwise known as Deer-Man, was a Deer/Man humanoid that appeared in the episode "Camping Can Be Cool", appearing as a person with a deer head and leg. Based on the in-episode dialogue, it is hinted that he is the guardian of the National Forest. It is unknown if he is a mutant or he became a deer-man to survive since he said, " Just like mother said she loved me and not to follow her back to the city".He hates Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, and Margaret because they violated the law to not trespass into the forest. Margaret was the first one to see him when she was out to collect wood. He chased the four who tried to flee in Margaret's car, but was proven to be even faster than the car. He aimed an arrow at the wheel of the car and the four came out of the car and saw a park ranger coming and begged for help. Before, he could kill them with arrows, he is killed after he is run over by the Park Ranger, causing a "deer in the headlights" scenario (even though he is part-deer and part-man).After he was dead, the park ranger called the taxidermist and said that they should "put some clothes on the humany parts". He also represents a Native American, which is comparable in real life since real Natives live in preserves and parks as well and they both believe that all parts of the hunted should be used so that nothing is wasted.Stag-Man was resurrected by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in "Exit 9B" but was sent back to the afterlife after Thomas signed the document that made the park a historcal landmark.He is voiced by Robert Englund, best known for playing as Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street films. The deer man could be the mythical creature The Wendigo,a monsterious creature that transformed from a human. He is similar and/or possibly a parody of the villain "Kraven the Hunter" from the Spiderman comics.
  • Judge Broseph Chillaxton When Mordecai and Rigby are summoned to the "Courthouse of Cool" for being too cool, the Cool Judge presides over the trial. He, like any other judge, does not show favorites and hears everyone out, telling the prosecuting attorney to "roll with it bro, I'll allow it". His court, like any other, has many witnesses, including Muscle Man, Benson and the Das Coolest Employee. The Cool Planet blew up, killing him.
  • No Rules Man made his first appearance on Regular Show in "House Rules". He came up to Mordecai and Rigby after Rigby yelled that he didn't want any more rules. He then told them about a place in which rules don't exist, and it's entrance is an old trash box. Then it is shown that he plays video games. After arriving and declaring it an awesome place, Mordecai and Rigby spot the Unicorns from "The Unicorns Have Got to Go" (most likely because they don't want any other trouble from the unicorns), and then Mordecai tells the No Rules Man to get rid of the Unicorns. This makes him mad, as he has been told what to do, and tells everyone about it. They all try to stop them, but ultimately fail. At the end of the episode, No Rules Man is playing Karate Choppers. Then, a note falls on his lap that says "No Video Games," and he yells "no" before exploding, resulting in his death.In "Exit 9B", he was revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. while the fight is going on, attacking the God of Basketball, when he let The Hammer punch him. He is later seen skating towards Skips and splashes water from a cup onto Skip's Fists of Justice, causing them to malfunction and having Skips throwing them out upon exploding. He laughs and is then grabbed by the Baby Ducks (in transformation) in which they put him in the porta potty, shakes it, and kicks the porta potty. It launches in the air with No Rules Man in it, and is hit by a passing airplane, causing it to explode. He is killed again then sent to portal.
  • The Eggscellent Knight appears in "Eggscellent". He appears at the end of the eating competition, and he shows several prizes, in which you must choose correctly which prize it was. But if you don't, you die as a result. The way of dying is unknown. If a person chooses correctly, he replaces the trucker hat with an identical one from a closet full of said hats. He later appears in "Ace Balthazar Lives " when the Knight opens up a portal to his world. In it, he runs into a mosh pit, but gets hit by a member in it and gets knocked out.
  • Phone Guardians:
    • Answering Machine:The Answering Machine is black and looks like a normal answering machine, and seems to be the leader of the group. Whenever he speaks, a plastic part of him moves up and down. After hearing Mordecai sing, he reveals that he'd been wishing to start a band and that Mordecai should call him about joining up, but doesn't get the chance to give Mordecai his number. The Answering Machine is unable to comprehend emotion and/or relationships.
    • Tin Cans With String:The Tin Cans With String uses its white strings that move up and down whenever it talks. Though there is more than one cord, it only has one voice. Like the Answering Machine, it cannot understand emotion.
    • Chalkboard:The Chalkboard appears as a normal, green chalkboard with white chalk. It draws whatever it wants to say. It moves around on wheels.
    • Smoke Signal Fire:The Smoke Signal Fire appears as a Hopi Indian blanket, who seems obsessed with burning people, due to the inside of him being fire. These were used to send smoke signals by Native Americans.
    • Message In a Bottle:The Message In A Bottle appears to be a piece of paper in a bottle, and a cork.
  • The Urge is a rock star that appeared in "Trash Boat" and in "Exit 9B". He was first seen on a television program, explaining his success. He said that he became successful when he decided to change his name, which he came up with by combining two random words. It was he who inspired Rigby to change his name to Trash Boat. He is seen again later in the episode when he comes from the future to kill Rigby because Rigby stole The Urge's fame when he changed his name to Trash Boat. He is the lead singer of the band Barracuda Deathwish.After Rigby changed his name back, The Urge was glad that he was back; however, he was killed by Hawk Daniels, a musician who wanted to kill him for robbing him of his fame.The Future-self version of the Urge was resurrected for revenge in "Exit 9B" but was sent back to the underworld after Thomas signed the document that made the park a historcal landmark.
  • Klorgbane the Destroyer was first seen in "Fists of Justice" as the main antagonist. He is related to the Guardians of Eternal Youth as their "evil brother. He has to fight Skips every 157 years. His main goal is to defeat Skips and reign over The Guardians of Eternal Youth's Realm as part of the council. He fought Skips for a while, and was ultimately beating him, until he lost to Mordecai and Rigby shortly afterwards.He looks similar to the Guardians of Eternal Youth, except his clothes are black (opposed to theirs being gold), and his body is more muscular in appearance. He wears a black helmet or hat, a black and red cape, a black diaper, black socks, and two sliver/black bracelets. He also has a red glow around him and carries a red rattle with spikes on it as a weapon.Klorgbane was a student at Bennett's Academy and was a jerk like his present self. When Skips, Gareth, and the "Immortal Student Government & Glee Club" meet, Klorgbane starts bullying Skips. Gareth and the council schedule a fight with Klorgbane at 8:00 PM, which is the same time as the prom. As Skips and Mona are about to get their picture taken together, Klorgbane crashes through the wall to begin the fight. Mona jumps in the way when Klorgbane is about to use his new weapon on Skips. This causes the ceiling to collapse and kill Mona, meaning Klorgbane is technically responsible for the death of Mona. Skips, enraged over the death of his girlfriend, uses the Fists of Justice to launch Klorgbane into space.
  • Thomas (Death's Son) is a character voiced by Michael Dorn that appeared in the episode "Dead at Eight". Mordecai and Rigby have to babysit him in exchange for Death saving Muscle Man's life. He is also the son of Death and Death's Wife. He was knocked out at the end of the episode with a falling chandelier which made his parents think he was asleep.Thomas' second appearance was in the episode "Play Date," where Mordecai and CJ were about to go on a date before Death's car appeared from the underworld. Death handed Thomas to Mordecai, warning him he is going through a phase and then headed off. Thomas then asked Mordecai and CJ to go to the playground, and so Mordecai and CJ take him to the park playground. Thomas doesn't like it and instead wants to go to the underworld playground. Mordecai and CJ oblige and take Thomas to the underworld playground on Death's motorcycle. Meanwhile, while CJ is in the bathroom, Thomas reveals he likes getting between people's relationships. Thomas then yells out to every woman in the underworld playground the false claim that Mordecai's picking up women. When Mordecai, CJ, and Thomas are trying to get home, CJ finds out Thomas is trying to get between them, which Thomas denies. CJ then tricks Thomas into thinking they're going to drop him; when he finds out CJ wasn't truly going to he shoots red beams from his eyes in anger, which takes them home. Thomas says he's going to tell his mother and father on them about what they had done and starts laughing, being sure of himself. However, Death's bowling ball falls on his head and knocks him out, bringing him to a state of unconsciousness.
  • Capicola Gang was a group of living audio-animatronic figures of anthropomorphic animal characters who appeared in the episode "Fuzzy Dice". They were playing the band at the Fun Fun Zone. After Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, Skips and Benson won a million tickets to claim the fuzzy dice, the gang tried to make off with them, as they had stashed a bunch of uncut diamonds in them ten years earlier.The group pursued them all the way to the docks, where the FBI showed up shortly after and shot them with guns. It took a lot of firepower to bring them down.Like some of the villains, they were not revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. in "Exit 9B". The leader was a bear, a member named Louie was also a bear, and the female was a duck. They were a possible spoof on Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic bands. They reappeared in Steak Me Amadeus, albeit crudely stitched back together. However, they were blown to bits by the Amadeus Martinez when Robotic Bear made a negative remark about how school was overrated.
  • Geese In "A Bunch of Full Grown Geese", they were a foursome of Canadian Geese who sought nothing more than to claim the Park as their own personal territory, and attempting to do so by violently attacking anyone who intervened. In battle mode, they become a giant robotic-bodied entity with four goose heads, similarly to their young counterparts. They were the arch enemies of the Baby Ducks. The Geese were eventually defeated by a giant fist from the Duck Man.They later return in Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special as enforcers to the Boss of PlayCo whom made Carter and Briggs signing a contract for his ridiculous work. It was until The Park Gangs, witness the contract says the ducks as heroes while the geese as villains, in which the geese dislikes it, the geese turn on their boss and decide to help the park gangs, Carter and Briggs, and the ducks, defeating the boss. In the end, The Geese and The Ducks made a truce, same time when the boss and his assistant, whom revealed to be alive change their minds to focus on video game instead, much to the gangs's agreements.
  • Quips is Skips' cousin, and much to the park staff's annoyance, he constantly tells bad jokes to Skips. He lost his old job as a stand-up comedian at a comedy club and was spending the weekend at Skips' to regain his confidence and try new material. He is now the replacement of the previous Special Entertainment as a new clown.Quips seems to have a hard time taking things seriously, such as his close death when he angered Reginald, one of the Guardians of Eternal Youth, during a game of Drawesome at Skips' house. He consistently heckled the giant baby until he was placed in a shrinking box with Skips. He also thinks his own jokes are rather funny, as the magical reflections inside the box only made him laugh.
  • Peggy Gutsmandottir, also known as Muscle Sister-Law, Muscle Woman's Big Sister ,Mordecai asks RIgby if there's anymore jobs, Rigby answers. Mordecai then gets a phone call from CJ, she asks if he's set up the tent. Mordecai says they're driving through a tunnel then hangs up. Muscle Man overhears them saying they need $200, but thinks they need $400, then tells them that there's a mud wrestling contest. if they stay on the ring against Starla and her sister, Peggy, they'll get the $200 they need. They accept his challenge.Mordecai and Rigby are at the Mud-Wrestling Building, then the gang come along saying that they couldn't miss it, Starla and Peggy now enter and come onto the Mud Wrestling Ring, Mordecai and Rigby then get on the ring, Mordecai tells Rigby that they don't have to fight as long as they stay on. The mud wrestling then starts and Mordecai starts running away from Peggy, he then stops to talk with Rigby, then he slips and Peggy starts beating him up, eventually Rigby tells him to tag him, then it's Rigby's turn.He tells Starla he's not afraid from him, her reaction is punching him to the side, he then says his ribs made a breaking sound, he is then beaten up more but he gets onto Starla's hair and starts pulling it. Then Peggy comes on and wacks Rigby with a sign, Mordecai then comes on yelling but he gets hit.
  • Jackie Carmichael:In "1000th Chopper Flight Party", she was Frank's co-worker. She was known to be a little cocky because she kept thinking that she would get the special seat for Chopper 6. Jackie was also known to be rude. When Frank was about to announce who would get the special seat for Chopper 6, she automatically assumed it was her and was about to get on the helicopter, but Frank announced Mordecai was the one. Shocked and angry, Jackie got off the Chopper 6, and walked away muttering. She later reappears in "Local News Legend", where she's concerned that Frank Smith will let Margaret go undercover because the mortality rates for undercover reporters were high. It was later discovered that she was a cyborg from the future trying to destroy Local News' reputation. Ultimately, she seemingly died trying to stop Margaret in a car chase but the ending showing that she had survived.
  • The Internet, later known as Streaming is the ultimate interconnected computer network that links together countless computers from around the world and allows for the exchange of near limitless data. However the Internet/Streaming is also a sentient and evil being who seeks to destroy all who oppose it, as well as any obsolete formats. He first appeared as his original Internet form in the episode "Format Wars II", and re-appeared as his current Streaming form in Meet the Seer onwards until the finale.
  • Principal Party: Horse first appears in a flashback where he makes the Party Horses take a US History test in order for them to become real Party Horses, however, Party Horse 42699 escapes to Earth.He then follows Party Horse to Earth, where he threatens to blow up Earth if Party Horse doesn't take his test, but gives Party Horse an hour to study.When Party Horse comes to take the test, he makes a video of Party Horse to show students on their home planet, knowing he'll fail.Towards the end of the test, Party Horse's pencil breaks, and Principal tries to stop Rigby from handing him a sharpener.When Party Horse completes the test, he makes the Principal not blow up Earth, whatever the result. He accepts, but is then revealed Party Horse tricked him, ad he follows Party Horse back into space.
  • Francis Jablonski:He was Rigby's nemesis who ruined his volleyball state championship game in high school. This still carries on to adulthood until Rigby defeats him in a one-on-one food run competition. After that, he finally learns his lesson from what Rigby told him to forget his past in high school and think of a new life for his future to reconcile with his old nemesis.
    • Aiden Jablonski: is the younger brother of Francis Jablonski. He first appeared in The Eileen Plan.
  • Carlton Tanner is a minor antagonist in season 8a in Regular Show. He made his debut in the episode "Ugly Moons". He is the commander of the Space Bush Station. He is a rival of Colonel Rawls.

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