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General Information
Powers and Abilities
Relatives Raj (friend)
Clam (friend)
Edward (enemy/friend)
Samson (friend)
Chip & Skip(friends)
Dave & Ping Pong(friends)
Nina (friend)
Gretchen (friend/enemy)
Slinkman (friend)
Voice Actor Carlos Alazraqui

Lazlo is the main character and hero of the award-winning original series from Cartoon Network, Camp Lazlo.

Lazlo is a Brazillian spider monkey with a carefree personality. Lazlo, from São Paulo[1], "goes where the wind blows" by his own statement. Carlos Alazraqui voiced Lazlo.


Joe Murray, creator of Camp Lazlo, originally created Lazlo for a children's book concept. As he developed the concept, Murray believed that a children's book could not contain the stories and ideas, so he decided to create a television show. [2] According to Murray, when he thought about Lazlo's personality, a Brazilian spider monkey came to his mind. [3] Originally Murray wanted Lazlo to carry a strong Brazilian accent, but when Cartoon Network asked Murray to choose only one character to carry a strong accent, Murray opted for Raj and gave Lazlo an Americanized voice. [1] Murray said that he did not plan for Alazraqui to voice Lazlo; according to him the arrangement simply occurred. [3]


Murray wrote on his website that Lazlo's parents moved to the United States to start a fruit company, allowing Lazlo to learn English. [1]


Lazlo is an orange spidermonkey with yellow lips, he wears a greenish tan T shirt, bright red neckerchief, black pants/shoes, greenish tan beanie hat with blue stripe.

Lazlo stays in the Jelly Cabin with Raj and Clam; the three are called the "Jelly Cabin Trio." [4]


The Cartoon Network press kit character descriptions describe Lazlo as "imaginative, freethinking," and a "natural-born non-conformist." The press kit states that Lazlo "enthusiastically spreads mischief and wacky shenanigans," uses "imagination and creativity" to solve problems, and annoys Scoutmaster Lumpus with his "persistent happiness and optimism." [4]

Raj, Clam and Lazlo are best friends, since they live together in Jelly cabin. They do many things there including hide, play and act funny.

The Hollywood Reporter reviewer Ray Richmond described Lazlo as "energetic."[5] Science Fiction Weekly reporter Kathie Huddleston describes Lazlo as "optimistic" and "out to wreak as much good-natured havoc as he can."[6] Common Sense Media reviewer Joly Herman, whose review is posted on, says that Lazlo possesses "innocent rebellious quality of a trickster" since "authority" is often his adversary, and that Lazlo does not "take him seriously," with "him" being Lumpus.[7]

Murray says that he admires Lazlo's ability to "make the best of situations when things go against him." In an interview the interviewer inquired Murray about Lazlo's dislike of "structure." [3]

Murray also describes Lazlo as dealing with conflicts and issues "with imagination"; the Camp Lazlo creator said that in his own family he likes to use "imagination" when dealing with his real life conflicts.[3]

A member of the Squirrel Scouts, Patsy Smiles, has a crush on Lazlo. In an interview Murray said that Patsy's affection causes Lazlo to feel "little freaked out" and that "She scares him." He describes Patsy as "a little more aggressive with Lazlo than he would ever reciprocate." [3]


  • Unnamed Mother - Lazlo mentions his mother of how she can boil a mean hot dog. (Beans & Weenies)
  • Unnamed Father - Lazlo's father owns a fruit company in the United States which he moves his family from Brazil to be close to work and also learn English with the rest of his family. If he is anything like his son, he must be extremely carefree father.We see a picture of Lazlo's father who looks strikingly similar to his own son except with a mustache. (The Bean Tree)
  • Unnamed Grandmother - Lazlo calls his grandmother to find out how to cure love sickness(Love Sickness). She later sends her grandson a package of a bottom roller chair with a light bulb on it with a plunger on top and lazlo has no idea what it is but is happy to get it (Big Cheese). It is unsure wether if She is Lazlo's mother's mother or his father's mother.


  • Raj - is Lazlo's best friend in camp. Raj has shown to take advantage of Lazlo and Clam as the series progress but Lazlo is oblivious to the fact. Raj does care for lazlo a great deal when he thought Lazlo did not return to camp the next summer when he actually went to the bathroom (Where's Lazlo?). Other than that he is always participating in one of Lazlo's goofy shinanigens. the only time this is not is when in camp store where after Raj broke a store rule Lazlo taunts him until Raj loses it and throws thinks at him.
  • Clam - The Prestigious Clamus is is very protective of Lazlo and Raj. Though often misunderstood he is always by lazlo side.
  • Samson - Lazlo does not really interact all that much with samson. there are some points in episodes that Lazlo would help him clean up a mess he has created and cant clean it up. there has been a running gag to where samson would try to talk (or warn) Lazlo but lazlo always would either hush him or put his hand over samson's mouth.
  • The Dungs - Dungs are always there when Lazlo needs favors from them or he would bribe them to help him out.
  • The Loons - Though the Loons try to avoid Lazlo they tend to get caught in Lazlo's crazy shinanigans.
  • Patsy - Though Lazlo is oblivious to the huge crush and the big hints she throws at him. Lazlo sees her as his best female friend.
  • Gretchen - Really Gretchen does not like Lazlo at all but Lazlo sees her as a friend as well even though he could have been tooken care of (Taking Carer of Gretchen).
  • Nina - Nina is unusually there when Lazlo does not know what to do like when he needed to know why he couldn't burp (Burpless Bean).
  • Almondine - though Lazlo's brief contact with Almondine was short Lazlo saw a potential friendship beginning to form.(Call Me Almondine )


  • Scoutmaster Lumpus - just like Edward and Gretchen, Lumpus despises him. but there is never a time he uses Lazlo for his own personal gain.
  • Edward - Of all the campers in Camp kidney, Lazlo interact with Edward the most other than Raj and Clam. Though Edward has stated and shown that he has Great dislike of Lazlo, they always work together on similiar goals. Examples of this is Lazlo helping edward pull a nose hair from Scoutmaster Lumpus nose (Theres no Place Like Gnome), and Edward teaching Lazlo how to burp (Burpless Bean. Lazlo has shown effection for Edward that are more of Brotherly nature and feelings of concern like when Edward Faked being attacked by a Yeti and Lazlo rushes to help him (Radio Free Edward).
  • Clowns - Lazlo has shown to have a phobia of clowns by hiding in a trunk in front of his bed, but was actually hiding under a floor panel in front of the trunk. It happened on his seventh birthday back in Brazil that a clowns nose fell on his lap and the children chanted for Lazlo to put it on. At the end of the episode he gets over his phobia of them by finally putting on the clown nose and saving Scoutmaster Lumpus.


Patsy - Patsy was a crush on him, Lazlo do not return her feelings to her. Patsy tries to impress Lazlo about good snake hunter, she and Lazlo are good friends and sometimes aggresive, In Spacemate Lazlo is Patsy's soulmate. Between her and Lazlo episodes is: Beans are from Mars, Snake Eyes, It's no Picnic, Dosey Doe, Loogie Llama, I've Never Bean In A Sub,Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp, Squirrel Seats, and Valentines Day. In Snow Beans Patsy dislike when Lazlo are gone with Lumpus.


  • He's most popular character of Camp Lazlo series, the others being Main Characters.


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