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Lakewood Plaza Turbo (2013)07:53

Lakewood Plaza Turbo (2013)

Pilot episode of the series.

Lakewood Plaza Turbo is a cartoon created by Ian Jones-Quartey for Cartoon Network. The series came close to being a failed pilot, but due to good reviews and success on viewership it has been commissioned into a full series. The series is still in production and will most likely air in 2015.


  • One of the most well known qualities about this cartoon is its protagonist, K.O., who is voiced by Stephanie Nadolny; an actor better known for her role as Kid Goku and Gohan from the popular Dragon Ball anime.
    • In the pilot, she even references the anime with her new character's traits. Such as:
      • Being really enthusiastic, kindhearted and wholeheartedly righteous.
      • Always wanting to pick a fight to test his powers.
      • Screams at an incremental rate as he charges up an attack.

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