Lakewood Plaza Turbo Original Pilot

Lakewood Plaza Turbo Original Pilot

Lakewood Plaza Turbo is a cartoon created by Ian Jones-Quartey for Cartoon Network. The series was believed to be a failed pilot due to its lack of information over the past three years, aside from some light hints and sketches of the cartoon.

In 2016, an app was created for the series called 'OK K.O'. Cartoon Network also released 3 individual shorts to promote the app. These 3 shorts were animated by separate studios, with each one having its own unique story.

After nearly 4 years since the original pilot, a show based off Lakewood Plaza Turbo titled OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes was greenlit[1][2] and premiered on August 1, 2017 in the US.


  • One of the most well known qualities about this cartoon is its protagonist, K.O., who is voiced by Stephanie Nadolny; an actor better known for her role as Kid Goku, and Gohan from the popular Dragon Ball anime.
    • In the pilot, she even references the anime with her new character's traits. Such as:
      • Being really enthusiastic, kindhearted and wholeheartedly righteous.
      • Always wanting to pick a fight to test his powers.
      • Screams at an incremental rate as he charges up an attack.


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