Impactist are a Portland-based duo whose specialties involve in photography, animation, and music. Composed of Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing, together they have been creating stuff since 1996 and continue to this day.

Cartoon Network Summer Video - Cartoon Network01:03

Cartoon Network Summer Video - Cartoon Network

Impactist - Cartoon Network - Winter Holiday 201301:54

Impactist - Cartoon Network - Winter Holiday 2013

Impactist - Cartoon Network - Halloween 201301:43

Impactist - Cartoon Network - Halloween 2013

They are more famous for creating the music heard during the CHECK it 3.0 era and onward to present day, most notably 'Wires', 'Glazer' and 'Popsicle'; as well as being a part of the collaborative animation video made for the Summer 2013 refresh video.

Songs composed

for Cartoon Network

for Boomerang

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