Friday Party! is the name of Cartoon Network's current block for new episodes, which launched on February 10, 2017.


The block airs new episodes of Cartoon Network's current programming, such as Teen Titans Go!, Steven Universe, and The Powerpuff Girls (2016 TV series). With the launch of the block, Cartoon Network went back to airing new episodes on Friday nights, making it the first time they've done such since Fridays ended in 2007, 10 years prior to the launch of the block.

The block features an heavy emphasis on Teen Titans Go!, with that show being the only one advertised during much of the block's promos.

Ratings and Reception

The block received very poor ratings during its first week, due to the block being announced at the last minute, and Teen Titans Go! being the only show advertised in the block's promos. As a result, ratings for all of the shows featured, even Teen Titans Go! (which is Cartoon Network's most watched show), went down drastically. The Steven Universe episode featured, "The New Crystal Gems", was watched by 1.06 million viewers, while the Teen Titans Go! episode featured, "Movie Night", was watched by 1.17 million viewers. [1]Because of this, the block has been panned by critics, with the YouTuber The Round Table saying that the block's launch was poor planning on Cartoon Network's part. [2]


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