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Fionna Fights!
Fionna fights
Developed by: Cartoon Network
Platform: Computer/PC

Fionna Fights! is a Cartoon Network flash game on Cartoon Network website. The game was released near the days of the premiere episode of another Adventure Time gender swapped episode, "Bad Little Boy" featuring Marshall Lee.


Fionna and Marshall Lee were on their way to Lumpy Space Prince's party when a swarm of monsters attacked, to reach to Lumpy Space Prince's party they must bust up those bad guys.


You must defeat many enemies as possible before Fionna runs out of energy. At first, you'll see Fionna and Cake riding Marshall Lee in his bat form. When Fionna is launched, she must attack and defeat the bad guys, she can earn combos by defeating multiple bad guys in one attack. Fionna will lose her energy if she hits nothing on an attack, an enemy passes her or falls off the screen. When Fionna falls Cake will use her powers to catch her.  If Fionna hits an enemy she get 100 points, two enemy combo for 400 points, and three enemy combo for 900 points and so on. If Fionna destroys an enemy, she'll get two gems, gems can be spend on items to help you on battle.

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