Adult Jokes are hidden references that are placed into a show that an adolescent would not understand. During it's timeline, even up to now, Cartoon Network has been infamous for it's adult jokes as they are cleverly hidden and are tough to spot out.

List of Adult Jokes

Image Title Series Episode Original Airdate
Special Privacy Time Filet of Soul Dexter's Laboratory 21a September 3, 1997
As Dad enters the bathroom, he sees that Dexter is in there, and says: " How many times have I told you? Early morning is Daddy's special bathroom privacy time!"
Dad's Trophy Nuclear Confusion Dexter's Laboratory 23b September 17, 1997
While Dexter is looking for clues as to where Dee Dee hid his experimental power source that is about to cause a meltdown, he approaches a neighbor who offers him cookies. She drops one of the cookies; and as she is bending over to retrieve it, another clue can be seen on her butt that appears to read "Dad's Trophy" and Dexter immediately rushes back home.
IDKSC Decode of Honor Dexter's Laboratory 28a October 22, 1997
Before exiting, Dee Dee tells Dexter that his club is for I-D-K-S-C's. Dexter decodes the anagram using his toy ring to reveal a hidden message and says he is going to tell mom.
Excuse Me Dee Dee and the Man Dexter's Laboratory 40b February 18, 1998
Dexter demonstrates to the new Dee Dee how to say her catchphrase. Her replacement, mistaking Dexter's recommendation of passion as something else, kneels down, rubs his head and says the phrase invitingly. Dexter then replies "Excuse me." and exits the room and comes back in soaking wet.
And Some Of These Mommy Fearest The Powerpuff Girls 1b November 18, 1998
As the girls are helping the professor get ready for his date, Buttercup puts an unknown item into the professor's shirt pocket.
Twister Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip Dexter's Laboratory Movie December 10, 1999
Things are not what they seem.
Don't Touch Yourself Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Ed Ed, Edd n Eddy 16a March 3, 2000
In one scene, as the edds are entering the restroom, one of the sticky notes reads "don't touch yourself" on the wall.
BLAM Super Zeroes The Powerpuff Girls 33b October 20, 2000
While Buttercup is explaining her superhero story to the girls, a part of the comic appears to show an unusual amount of blood coming from the knife it's hero, deemed "Spore" shot at an unsuspecting criminal offscreen.
Accident Super Friends The Powerpuff Girls 44 May 18, 2001
The girls introduce their new friend to the professor. Bubbles exclaims "The professor made us by accident" with the professor responding "Well, what can I say." The little girl then says "Don't worry, Professor; I was an accident too." Followed by the professor's eyes suddenly appearing wide open.
Squirrels Eat Nuts Stray Bullet The Powerpuff Girls 47 June 8, 2001
While arguing over what sex the squirrel is, Bubbles exclaims "Squirrels eat nuts, stupid!" in response to Buttercup's obvious argument.
Secret Stash The Day the Ed Stood Still Ed, Edd n Eddy 37b June 28, 2002
As Eddy is showing his secret area under his bed to Edd, there appears to be a lot more than just Chunky Puffs around.
Wooow The City of Clipsville The Powerpuff Girls 33b November 25, 2003
As the camera pans on the teenaged versions of The Rowdyruff Boys, Butch appears to be glancing at a playboy magazine, muttering "Wooow." as the cover flips open.
The Letter R Gazpacho Stands Up Chowder 8a December 14, 2007
This one was more of a double-sided joke. As shown during the letter montage, consisting of Chowder (Character) facing off against various typography, one of the letters is R. And, given the scenario, it appears that Chowder is about to be very uncomfortable.
Tell That To My Wife Chowder and Mr. Fugu Chowder 10b February 15, 2008
Mr. Fugu is helping himself to the giant thrice cream cone and will not let Chowder have a single lick. The thrice cream starts talking to Chowder and gives him an idea that he can "bite the cone and suck the thrice cream out" as to which Chowder replies "I like your thinking, Mr. Cone!" and the cone says "Tell that to my wife!"
Snow Job Look Before You Ed Ed, Edd n Eddy 69a June 29, 2008
While bragging about his snow cone machine, Eddy runs up to Edd and shouts "Get it?! Snow, job!" with Edd responding: "Yes, well, that was clever. Snow job-" before getting cut off by Eddy. Another joke in the same episode is the number itself being the sixty-ninth in the series.

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