On a night a shadowed boy went to a house were a couple was playing Twister, a girl was having a tea party, then the boy went to a room which had a laboratory. The boy went to a stand that had a neratomic protocore. The boy turned out to be Mandark. Then another boy named Dexter stopped Mandark and kicked him out of the house. While Dexter was working, his big sister Dee Dee went to his lab to play, but Dexter kicked her out, and then she went to his time machine. Then an army of robots came and said to "destroy the one who saved the future". Dexter decided to go to the future to see how cool he his saving the future. When Dexter got to a future a man called the police because he had no number. Dexter was taken by another robot to a workplace. Where he found a wimpy man who worked Mandark. D22 found out that he was Dexter and joined him on his journey to save the future. The next future, they went found out that they were famous for the nerotomic protocore. Old Man Dexter joined them too. The next future they visited was ruled by Mandark (D22 left the core in his cubical) Action Dexter joined them on their mission. The next day Dexter, Dexter, Dexter, and Dexter went to Mandark's castle. Mandark called his past selves. The Dexters stopped their Mandarks. Then Dee Dee got there and saved the day. The Dexters build robots to destroy Dee Dee. When dexter got back he found out that the robots came back to far right before he ever left. Dexter decided to forget it and went to have toast. The film ends with Dee Dee noding when Dexter went to eat somewhere else


Dexter/D22/Old Man Dexter

Christine Cavanaugh

Mandark/Executive Mandark/ Overlord Mandark/Braindark

Eddie Deezen

Action Dexter/Mandark Robot/Dad Robot 1/Officer 9412

Jeff Glen Bennett

Mom/ Head Secretary

Kath Soucie

Dee Dee

Kat Cressida

Curator/Village Man/ Robot 2/Computer/Man

Tom Kenny

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