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Claire Bowman
Claire Profile
Vital statistics
Name Claire Bowman
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Copper red
Eye color Green
Allies Noah, Annie, Rex
Further info
First appearance "Operation: Wingman"
Portrayed by: Danica McKellar
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Claire Bowman is a teenage girl that attends Benjamin Franklin High School. She is close friends with Annie and has gone on several double dates with Noah, Annie, and Rex.[1]


Season One

Operation: Wingman

Noah and Rex went out on a double date with Claire and Annie, but with a Rabbit E.V.O. out on the prowl to get Rex, things did not go as planned. Claire, at first, believed that her prom night was ruined. Eventually they helped Rex defeat the rabbit and kill it. Unfortunately, she reached her prom at the exact time it ended. Later, she admitted to Noah that that night was one of the most fun nights she had ever had.[1]

Season Two


Claire later went on another double date with Rex, Noah, and Annie. The four planned to go to an abandoned hotel rumored to be haunted. After failing from watching a scary movie when she was frightened into Rex's arms, Rex and Noah's true intentions were to literally scare her into Noah's arms by the help of Caesar who would rig the hotel objects.

Eventually things turned out to be as bad as they expected when they learned that a real E.V.O. was haunting the hotel. Soon afterward, Claire overheard Rex's plan. Angry for a short time, she and Noah were trapped in an elevator. Revealing she had claustrophobia, Noah kept her calm while Rex and Annie helped defeat the E.V.O.[2]

Season Three

Guy vs. Guy

Noah took Claire on yet another date which was interrupted by Rex and Bobo's attempt to prank Noah which nearly nuked the city. Noah and Claire were able to disconnect the prank and prank Rex and Bobo for Doctor Holiday as punishment for Rex and Bobo breaking into her lab.


notice the ranch on fire.]]

Claire and Annie accompanied Noah and Rex on a trip to Argentina to see Rex's family ranch. Finding the place to be already claimed by an E.V.O. named Chiquito, Rex fought him out. To the group's dismay, they were close to being vacated by the Muchado, the judge of the county. Muchado was forced by Durango, Chiquito's brother and former owner of the land, to get rid of them. Refusing to let him have it, they made a deal saying if they could farm the ranch in time, the land would be theirs.

With the help of Internet on her phone, Claire agreed to farm the ranch along with the group. A small conflict came upon the two groups where Chiquito and Durango tried to sabotage the group. Fortunately, Claire and her friends easily defeated them. The farming was done just in time for the agreement to be null and void.[3]


Claire is a positive girl with a calm personality, and is often seen smiling. She is very intelligent, as demonstrated by her knowledge of complex scientific subjects. She also seems to be clever.

Physical appearance

Claire is a fair skinned girl that has long copper red hair and dark green eyes. Noah stated that she is one of the prettiest, most put-together girls in his high school.[1]

When going to the prom, Claire wore a long, cream colored prom dress. On her second appearance she wore her usual attire: a long sleeved light blue shirt covered by a white thin jacket. When going out on a date with Noah, she wore a plum colored dress with the same colored heels. When going to Argentina, she wore a green tank top with jeans and a large floppy sun hat.


Noah Nixon


Noah has a crush on Claire. They have gone on double dates to the prom before with Rex and her best friend Annie. Despite her claustrophobia, Claire felt completely safe around Noah when they were trapped in an elevator. They have almost kissed once.[2]


Annie is Claire's best friend. However, she was completely oblivious to Annie's supernatural clumsiness.[1] It is hinted, however, that Claire now knows of Annie's clumsiness since she used it to her advantage when battling Chiquito and Durango.[2]

Rex Salazar

Claire was pleased to have Rex as Annie's date, since it was hard to find her any. During the prom, she blamed Rex as the cause of the chaos, unaware that Annie was the actual cause.[1] Later, she viewed Rex as a hero.[2]


Season O​ne

Season Two

Season Three


  • Claire is claustrophobic.[2]
  • In her sophomore year, Claire studied physics.[2]
  • She reads science journals.[2]
  • According to Noah, she only goes out with college boys and drummers.[1]
  • Claire is a character whose clothing has changed the most throughout the series.
  • Fred Savage, Noah's voice actor, and Danica McKellar previous played opposite each other as Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years.


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