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There are many of other characters and pets in the series, Camp Lazlo.


  • Beastly Bumblepuss: Samson found this caveman frozen in a block of ice, and began talking to him as a friend, since the caveman couldn't tell Samson to be quiet. The Jelly Beans found him by accident, and when they saw the caveman wearing a Bean Scout cap, they wanted to de-thaw him and show him around camp. They called him a Cave Bean, the first Bean Scout, from which all Beans are evolved. After the caveman goes berserk and attacks the camp, especially seeking out Samson for driving him nuts with his incessant chatter, the Jelly Beans refreeze him. Once he's frozen again, Samson resumes talking to him; as the scene fades out, we see that it still drives the caveman insane, but he has no recourse.
  • Elebug: A spider that Raj found after protecting Jelly Cabin from bugs in Creepy Crawly Campy. Elebug's head resembled Raj's head. At the end of the episode, Elebug came out of her cocoon. It was revealed that she had grown into a very large, monstrous insect during her time in her cocoon. Then, she and other monstrous insects like her carry some of the Bean Scouts. Her roar is the same of Godzilla's. Elebug isn't mentioned again after this. In the end, she kidnapped Scoutmaster Lumpus away, and the ending credits revealed that she has also gave birth to several babies that kidnapped the rest of Camp Kidney, a parody on the American Godzilla (Zilla Junior) from the 1998 film remake.
  • Fluffy: A huge bear that Lazlo brought home when the leader of Jelly Bean Cabin took an adventure in Where's Lazlo? in the woods without Scoutmaster Lumpus noticing. It started when Lazlo pulled a pinecone stuck up the bear's nose, then he followed Lazlo back to camp and started chasing all the Bean Scouts thanks to Lumpus. It is probably said that Fluffy had ate Lazlo but is found alive at Beef Lumberjacks. He also went crazy and wild in one appearance of "Waiting for Edward" where he is running around Slinkman's injured body because there's no more oil in the forest. Skip replied "That is one smart bear". This could reference the possible gasoline scarce that will happen in worldwide economy, especially America.
  • Lamar (Lauren): A sea lamprey who stuck himself (herself) to Lazlo's head and sucked all the blood out of Lazlo and then Lamar was getting bigger and harder to lift of and was let go. She was found to be a mother at the end of the episode when Jelly Cabin found her babies. After that Lazlo renamed Lamar to Lauren. Also she is the first of three wild animals Lazlo brought to Camp Kidney.
  • Spitty: A blue and green llama who answers Lazlo's "Call of the Riding Animals". So-named due to the unfortunate habit of spitting on people, notably Lazlo. When the Squirrel Scouts visit and mock the Beans for not having horses, Lazlo tries to pass Spitty off as a unicorn, and trades him for the girls horses. He ends up regretting the trade and reveals Spitty's true nature to the Squirrels, who are disgusted and run away. We also see him briefly when Raj and Clam try to get Lazlo to play "Pin the Tail on the Llama".
  • Snakey: A garden snake that Lazlo and his friends took home. When the snake got loose, all the campers were scared of it, and they started hiding, which prompted Lazlo to infer that the snake was eating all the campers.
  • Yoko: In Dosey Doe, when Lazlo organized a dance for Lumpus and Jane Doe, he used a dinky doo bird (this shows that Yoko is a dinky doo, shown in the short, Empty Nest) to send messaged to the Squirrel Scouts, but got a NO! in response and tied him up to a rock.

Other Characters

These are non-pet characters who offer minor dialog, or strengthen the plot.

  • Aliens: Three aliens who abduct Samson and demand cheese. After kicking Samson out of their flying saucer, they trick Samson by disguising themselves as "vague background characters" (Harold, Gordon and Wilbert) to help Samson get rid of the Canadian Trouts, who Samson thinks are the real aliens. This was due to both groups wanting cheese. Later, they go to Acorn Flats, and befriend Nina. They have a strange fetish for fiddle music, dancing strangely and making fart noises when hearing it. They're voice by Jeff Bennett, Tom Kenny, and Mr. Lawrence.
  • Bar Guys: Their first appearance was on "Prickly Pining Dining", while Lumpus was looking for the Jelly Trio. They also appeared in "I've Never Bean in a Sub", as they were in the same place and the Manure, except they growl, and are spectators when learning Lazlo is stacking the beans and cheered. Their third appearance was in "Lazlo Loves a Parade", in which they finally spoke. An turkey is the bartender. 4 of them are a pig, bear, pelican and beaver, who look a lot like Chuck, Gordon, Mort and Wilbert respectively.
  • Big Bean: Big Bean is the head of all Bean Scouts in the world. Although his name is Big Bean, he is actually a small bean (although he is actually bigger than the average bean). He appears to be a big bean when people look into the glass, which is actually a magnifying glass. He went to Camp Kidney when he was a scout and he previously owned Lazlo's old neckerchief until Lazlo gave it back. If it wasn't for this gesture, the Big Bean could have let Camp Kidney be demolished. At first, in "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp", he seems to have the personality of Scoutmaster Lumpus, but after Lazlo's kind gesture of returning the Big Bean's neckerchief, it is revealed that he isn't that bad. Ironically, he was the founder of the Bean Scouts despite the fact that he'd attended a Bean Scout Camp. This is one of the more obvious and vexing plot holes in the series. Voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Big Hairy Mountain Man: A friendly blue creature the Jelly Beans slept on when they were with the Wampum Springs crew in The Weakest Link. He sounds just like Eduardo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, which is not surprising, as they're both voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Blue Bear: A bear the Jelly Beans trained to juggle objects when Nurse Leslie couldn't walk back to camp in Bear-l-y a Vacation. The idea came from Raj when he remembered that his uncle took him to the circus and the trainer used a grizzly bear to juggle bowling balls. This is the second wild bear from this series. The first one was in the end of Snake Eyes and there was also a third who ran over Slinkman in Waiting For Edward. Fluffy was the fourth one in Where's Lazlo?.
  • Brother Bu-Bu: A legume who makes all the phone calls and is usually the person who receives the secret handshakes. He is voiced by Doug Lawrence who also voices Filburt from Joe Murray's other series like Rocko's Modern Life before Camp Lazlo.
  • Cheese Obsessed Canadian Trouts: In the 4th chapter of Cartoon Network Invaded, three new Canadian fish appear as new scouts. Samson tries to run them out of camp when he learns they want to steal cheese, which furthers his mistaken belief that the Canadian trout are the aliens. After the trout achieve their goal of stealing cheese, one of them states that this is the worst he's ever been treated in all of their career as professional cheese thieves. They're voiced by Carlos Alazraqui and Jeff Bennett.
  • Clyde: Clyde is Big Bean's fifty-foot tall bean cousin who likes to scare campers. He comes from the bottom of Leaky Lake. He apparently knows how to save Camp Kidney. He told Lazlo that the only way to save his camp in the episode "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" is to go into the woods and find the Rock of Hope. There, he would find the Worldwide Bean Scout Jamboree. Voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Cousin Stinkbug: Chip and Skip's stinky cousin who, while visiting camp for unspecified reasons, was challenged to break Samson of his cleanliness obsession. As Stinkbug attacks, the scene fades. The next time we see Cousin Stinkbug, he's shiny clean, heading off to Sunday School. Samson is victorious!. Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.
  • Deputy Doodle-Doo: The mascot of the chicken pot pies that Scoutmaster Lumpus wanted. But Lumpus didn't eat his first pie because he fed it to Mt. Blackhead, so the Jelly Beans bought him another one, but were promoted to the commercial for buying a pie from the supermarket when he showed up for the 1,000th person to buy a chicken pot pie.
  • Dr. Fitzhamburger: When Edward thinks he's laid an egg, Nurse Lezlie had Edward watch a movie starring Doctor Fitzhamburger. The movie was in black-and-white, copyright dated MCMLII, 1953. His voice is dubbed whenever he mentions the specific species he is supposed to be explaining, but says that a dubbed is a mammal, and the film breaks before giving Edward the answer. Edward ends up even more confused, because platypus's supposedly don't lay eggs.[8]
  • Edward's 4 Brothers: As seen in "Burpless Bean" the camp called all four of Edward's older brothers who look very successful to watch Edward in his performance. One appears to be a wrestling type of person with muscles. Next to him seems to be a tall basketball player. The next seems to be some sort of rich millionaire who takes everything fancy. The last one seems to be a teenager sort of brother with zits on his face with a sweat shirt on. Only two of them seems to have an official name which is Mel and Cheasly. There is proof that they have been scouts before him like in the "Great Snipe Hunt" in which Edward explained his brother Mel was a camper and Lumpus seems to throw the same thing every year. They also make an appearance near the end of "Hold it Lazlo" when they (except the muscle one) speak. They were voiced by Mr. Lawrence who also voices Edward.
  • The Futuristic Cows: Only seen in the episode "Lumpus's Last Stand", where they are somehow nerdy and have very few traits that are probably what they are affected by the future. They call and praise Lumpus "The Exhulted One", because Lumpus's new idea for painting your body instead of wearing laundry all the time had given them time. They were given time to solve world hunger as they had explained a famine will occur in the year 3008, and will become very, very skinny. They seem to have moose-like antlers and blue skin. However, the entire clothes that were never washed in a thousand years and all combined up were in the big marble Lumpus Statue after the paint on everyone's bodies were washed off by rain. After the rain occured, they became extremely thin, and went back into the future to grab a bite, despite the fact that there is a worldwide scarce of food in the future. The famine and the problem being solved could be a parody of the 1973 film Soylent Green.
  • General Sherman Beauregard Lumpus: Lumpus' great grandfather (1826-1907) who was a general during the Civil War. His prized tent "Old Ironside" was actually made from the stolen tents and possessions of his troops. At the end, they turned on him and sent him rolling down the hill onto the top of a train. He was last seen cleaning up after the elephants in the circus. He name is probably a reference to Civil War generals William Tecumseh Sherman and P. G. T. Beauregard.
  • Giant Grey Rabbit: The burley bunny slope attendant at Mt. Whitehead who assists beginners using the rope tow. When he sees Scoutmaster Lumpus, he tells Lumpus that he mades him sick.[9] In a fan-Intro, He is seen grabbing Lazlo by the Arm, but got blown away by one of Samson's Firecracker Shots.
  • Lake Monster: A monster who lives in Leaky Lake and plays with his snowglobes and put in his snowglobe collection. Usually he is a vegetarian but whenever he loses his snowglobes by Edward from fishing he gets food cravings for meat.He is seen in the very first camp Lazlo episode.
  • Lardadoodle: A large turkey that Lumpus wanted to eat to gain weight. Lardadoodle is 97% fat and can give back objects it swallowed by laying eggs. This is similar to what Coco from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends does.
  • The Legumes: These guys have appeared in Slap Happy and Sweet Dream Baby so far. They come up with secret handshake in appearance 1, and had a pancake speech Scoutmaster Lumpus was suppose to be announcer of in appearance 2. There seems to be more of them in Sweet Dream Baby than in Slap Happy.
  • Lifeguards Pierre and No-Neck: They are Camp Kidney's lifeguards who assign swimming buddies based on how they do in a test. The two have no idea how to swim. No-Neck has no neck but they both look the same. Pierre is voiced by Jeff Bennett and No-Neck is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.
  • Maggot: a one time bean scout in Valentine's Day. He was used as a pun when Commander Hoohah called all the scouts maggots. Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.
  • Mayor Pothole McPucker: The mayor of Prickly Pines who puckers with his lips. Everybody gets disgusted and grossed out at his presence, in fact he's so ugly that people call him an it, such as the TV announcer and Scoutmaster Wesley. Sometimes his teeth come out when he speaks. He's only seen in Lazlo Loves a Parade, Lumpus's Last Stand, and Peace Frog.
  • Meatman: A little action figure Lazlo made out of spam who was ignored, then he came to life and was mean to Lazlo. Then he planned on eating Lazlo, but everything turned out being a ghost story Lazlo (or Meatman formed as Lazlo) was telling the other Bean Scouts since Meatman has an ability to morph into other beings. Meatman was either killed by Raj and Clam at the end of this episode or he ate the Jelly Beans and morphed into them so he could eat the other scouts later on, but surely, the Jelly Beans could have bursted out of his body, killing him.

  • Migrating Mulberry Tree: A tree that literally migrates from place to place. Once it arrives at Camp Kidney in "Tree Hugger", both Lumpus and Lazlo are enraptured that they have finally seen it. Although Lumpus wants to chop it down to make a wooden boat, Lazlo, Raj, Clam, and Slinkman trick Lumpus into marrying the tree, and Lumpus falls in love with it. He is extremely sad when the tree migrates to Florida. The tree sends him pictures showing "her" with two smaller trees that have antlers like Lumpus.
  • Mr. Toad: Clam is showing the toad the wonders of Mystery Cabin.A toad who is a traveling bait display salesman, the top seller in 21 districts, he was attracted to the "Visit Mystery Cabin" sign Lazlo set up to help get Camp Kidney on a tourist map. Lazlo tried to trick him by hiding the totem pole. When the toad saw how ridiculous the cabin was, he went on a tirade, telling Lazlo that his time was just wasted, and stormed out of the cabin. His look is a reference to Ed Bighead.
  • Mt. Blackhead the Volcano: A talking volcano that wanted Scoutmaster Lumpus's ckicken pot pie when he didn't feed him the right food. He soon became angry because he couldn't get the chicken pot pie, but got satisfied after Lumpus fed it to him. His name is a take-on of Mt. Whitehead, the skiing mountain from Snow Beans.
  • Navy Turtle: A turtle who stacked as many beans as Lazlo did but did it 120 years ago and born in the navy. In I've Never Bean in a Sub, Lazlo almost more beans than he did but the navy turtle stopped him. He also made another appearance in Lazlo Loves a Parade complaining about his false teeth stolen. He sounds similar to Filbert of Rocko's Modern Life.
  • Nigel Slothworm: A talk show host for the Scout Chatter show who's just as excited about scouts as much as Lumpus, though he shows an angry attitude with a bored expression. He interviewed Scoutmaster Wesley's camper who can play a piano upside-down. He seems to be a parody of Larry King. Matt Frewer provides his voice.
  • Rock Buckskin: An actor whom both Jane Doe and Almondine admire. Jane is the president of his fan club, of which the only other member is Almondine. Almondine was disappointed in his last movie, Caribbean Caribou Two: Back in Action, claiming the movie "really had no plot". We only see him via a poster displayed during the fan club meetings.
  • Rosemary: A pig who is originally from Switzerland and made all sorts of pies. She's a baker and also knows what kind of things her pies do like cure gross out love.
  • Scoutmaster Wesley: An ox who was on television interviewed with his camper who can play piano upside-down, with Nigel Slothworm. He was also seen judging the float parade with Mayor McPucker.
  • Skippy Livingston: The most decorated Bean Scout in the world. Medals cover most of this scout's body.
  • Smell Fairy: When Samson overcomes his disgust of stinkweed, Odoriferous, the Smell Fairy ("sniff sniff"), appears to Samson to reward his courage. Samson would rather be friends and hang out together, but the Smell Fairy instead gives Samson a new nose which is less sensitive to bad smells. The Smell Fairy looks vaguely like a skunk, which would be ironic.
  • S.M.I.T.S., The Scoutmaster in the Sky: He is known as a sort of god to the Bean Scouts, he was mentioned in Over Cooked Beans by Lazlo, and in "Are You There S.M.I.T.S.? It's Me Samson". People believe he's there to drop gifts, like Mr. Freezy Breeze, and he throws sport balls at Samson for doing tai chi in the wrong sequence. "He" is in fact a pair of snakes that are unknowingly responsible for the falling objects in both episodes. In Over Cooked Beans they are flying an airplane that's air conditioner (Mr. Freezy Breeze) fell. In "Are You There S.M.I.T.S.? It's Me Samson" they fix a malfunctioning ball machine.
  • Snooty Snail: Snooty Snail is a guard at the Worldwide Bean Scout Jamboree. He is from France and refers to Camp Kidney as a dirty camp. He is referred to as Eyestalks by Clam. He has a unicycle for legs. It may be possible that this snail may be related to Slinkman.
  • Squirrely: When Lazlo traded Spitty to the Squirrel Scouts for three horses and a loaf of banana bread, Squirrely was the one playing the harp music. Lazlo thanked and gave him a tip.
  • Susan Platypus: Susan is Edward's mother. She gave Veronica to Edward on Christmas. And according to Edward everything with her is difficult.
  • Tarson: He's a bear with dental problems and a bad temperament. He's a waiter of Beef Lumberjacks and also a lumberjack. He cuts beef with a chainsaw. It is revealed that Tarson likes bean stacking in "I've Never Bean In a Sub". He also appeared in "Where's Lazlo?" and "Never Bean on the Map".
  • Thomas and Timothy: Thomas and Timothy are a pair of Whooping Cranes stranded on Itchy Island. They are 69 or 70 years old and left camp for the treasure when they were 10. According to the episode, Thomas took out Timothy's ear hair forty years ago. Thomas has thick black eyebrows and Timothy has thick white eyebrows, and make whooping sounds when they are excited. They look very similar to Dave and Ping Pong.
  • Tomato Scouts: Tomato Scouts are Bean Scouts who've completed earning merit badges. Commander Hoo Ha approves each of them personally. Those who cheat are sent to a military type camp called Camp SkullCrush. When Edward faked earning all the badges, he almost became a Tomato Scout, and Lumpus has actually been through the experience. According to Hoo-Ha, they come an eager young lad and you leave a hardened man, ready for the cold, cruel world. "Tomato Scouts never leave the war zone!".
  • Tommy Todd: A troop member from Sherman B. Lumpus's fleet who got his ancient record player stolen from Sherman. He is one of many victims that Sherman has stolen stuff from.
  • The Tusk Wizard: A pink elephant wizard who visits homes to collect fallen tusks from elephants. Like the Tooth fairy, he leaves something under the elephant's pillow. The Tusk Wizard also owns and rides a toothbrush-like (in the episode "Tusk Wizard," Raj calls it a "tuskbrush") broomstick.
  • T-Rex Hallucination and T-Rex Skeleton: In Bowling For Dinosaurs, the Hallucination of a T-Rex fossil let Scoutmaster Lumpus use his toe (actually a bowling pin trophy) so Lazlo can stop digging for a dinosaur bone. When Clam found the T-Rex skeleton under Lumpus's cabin, everyone screamed in fear when it spoke, causing the fossil to fall into a deep hole with the cabin. When the bowling ball hit his head at the bottom, Lumpus got a perfect game.
  • Veronica the Doll: A doll who Edward received when he was young on a Christmas day. Apparently he was so excited about Veronica that he donated his other toys to charity. In the episode "Hello Dolly", they compared her having "marshmallow-like head, a pickle-like body, and toothpick-like arms and legs". Edward got a Veronica collection including a mansion, dollhouse, convertible, and etc. She was one of the toys Miss Mucus took in Beans in Toyland.
  • Wampum Springs Crew: In the episode "The Weakest Link" there is a hotel with four workers. Their names are Sparkling One, Moon Stone, Smooth Pebble, and Big Hairy Mountain Man. Sparkling One is the owner of the hotel. Moon Stone is the introducer of some sort welcoming guests. Smooth Pebble doesn't talk much but he is good with computers because he was the one on the computer. Big Hairy Mountain Man (voiced by Tom Kenny) is a relaxer who is hairy and a mountain man with many specialties like seaweed wrappings and hot tubs.

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