Bobb'e Says was a live-action clip/commentary series hosted by actor Bobb'e J. Thompson that aired on Cartoon Network from August 29, 2009 to September 23, 2009. It was a part of the short-lived CN Real block and it was Cartoon Network's shortest running live-action series, lasting only six episodes. The series, which featured Thompson exploring the streets of California and giving advice to local residents through the means of commentating over sports clips and internet videos, received negative reviews and low viewership levels; leading to the show's eventual cancellation.

Due to the show's brief lifespan and lack of re-runs, there are no episodes of Bobb'e Says available online.




Title Original


1 Tony Hawk's Warehouse August 19, 2009
2 Theme Park August 26, 2009
3 Hollywood September 2, 2009
4 Skate Park September 9, 2009
5 Santa Monica Piet September 16, 2009
6 Third Street Promenade September 13, 2009

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