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Professor Blarney T. Hokestar
Prof. hokestar
General Information
Home World Earth
Affiliations Solid Plugg
Occupation(s) Businessman
Powers and Abilities
Alias Professor Hokestar
Voice Actor Charlie Adler
First Appearance Have I Got A Deal For You

Professor Blarney T. Hokestar is a former con-man and current smoothie salesman in Omniverse.


Blarney is a four-armed humanoid alien, that wears a red uniform. He has orange hair and a mustache that covers his mouth. He has green skin and is a little taller than Ben.


Blarney is very talkative and talks in a formal British dialect. He bears no malicious intent, showing that he cares about money and presenting himself as a respectable busniness man. He's also shown to be a morally indifferent con-man of sorts attempting to con various people into buying his "Miracle Elixir", which is made from the milk of a dangerous and endangered creature called a Skreegit.


Have I Got A Deal For You

In his first appearance, Blarney attempted to sell a product called "Professor Blarney T. Hokestar's Miracle Elixir", which is made from the milk of a captive Skreegit, to Ben, to get him as his spokesman.

However, an Aliens rights activist named Pax recruited Ben to his cause of freeing the captive Skreegit. A three way fight ensued between Ben, Blarney, and Pax over the Skreegit, resulting in it being turned loose and growing to a huge size when exposed to Earth's nitrogen-rich atmosphere.

Blarney with Ben's help was able to quarantine the Skreegit and vacuum out the nitrogen returning it to his proper size. The Skreegit was taken into Plumbers custody and Ben informed the Professor that if he ever went near a Skreegit again, he would handcuff him to Pax for a year.

Store 23

Blarney has been selling smoothies in his dimension-hopping Mr. Hawkins store since Have I Got A Deal For You. When Ben, Blukic, and Driba try to find Mr. Smoothie #23, they are suprised to see Hokestar as the manager of the store. By the end of the episode, as they were about to go back to their own dimension, Hokestar insisted (in vain) on staying due to the profit he might earn after seeing the people want smoothies.


Ben 10: Omniverse

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