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Big Fat Awesome House Party Logo
Big Fat Awesome House Party
Launched: May 15, 2006
Ended: November 16, 2007
Relaunched: January 18, 2008
Defunct: June 15, 2009

Big Fat Awesome House Party was an MMORPG created by Cartoon Network for the Cartoon Network original series, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. It was Cartoon Network's most successful MMORPG aside from the second being Fusion Fall. The game was so popular that when it ended tons of complaints were sent to Cartoon Network through feedback which resulted in a revival. The game then ended again and the feedback increased significantly, though Cartoon Network decided not to revive it again. No one knows whether or not the game will return.


The game was revived on January 18, 2008 due to popular demand, where it received numerous updates as the game's population increased. It ended for good on June 15, 2009.


The main reason why the game ended for good was due to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends ending, hence it would be rather pointless to carry on a game that would probably be forgotten sooner or later since new Cartoon Network viewers would be unaware of what show the game originated from. Rumors spread that the game was going to allow players to see each other in the house in a later update, but the rumor was revealed to be false. It is believed that Cartoon Network employees did not add this feature due to a risk in the game no longer being kid-friendly as some users may have tried to bypass the profanity filter and it would have given the game controversy.

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