thumb|link=Being Ian is a Canadian comedy show, which airs on YTV, since July 1, 2007. It airs on Cartoon Network in Latin America. It is about Ian Kelley, a 12-year-old boy, and the main protaginist. It is created by Ian James Carlett, in which most of the episodes are directed by Josh Mepham.


Richard Ian Cox, as Ian Kelley;

Ty Olsson, as Kyle Kelley;

Matt Hill, as Korey Kelley;

Ryan Stiles, as Ken Kelley;

Patricia Drake, as Vicki Kelley and Grandma Kelley;

Richard Newman, as Principal Bill McCammom;

Tony Parsons, as Himself;

Kevin Seal, as Odbald and Dennis;

Tabitha St. Germain, as Sandi Crocker;

Dexter Bell, as Tyrone Washington.

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