Action Flicks

Action Flicks


October 2008


December 2008

Action Flicks is a former Cartoon Network movie block that replaced Toonami in 2008, it featured premiere's and reairings of animated Action Flicks. Action Flicks, along with Adult Swim and Toonami, are the only blocks CN has ever had that have aired TV-14 programming.

It has aired the following:

  • 10/4 Batman Gotham Knight
  • 10/11 Naruto Legend Of The Stone Of Getel
  • 10/18 Justice League The New Frontier
  • 10/25 The Batman Vs. Dracula
  • 11/1 Doctor Strange The Sorcerer Supreme
  • 11/8 Naruto Guardians Of The Crescent Moon Kingdom
  • 11/15 Superman Doomsday
  • 11/22 Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker
  • 11/29 Justice League The New Frontier
  • 12/6 Naruto Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow

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