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2 X 4 Technology are the technology tools of Kids Next Door. They appear in the show Codename: Kids Next Door. They each have an acronym while in a closing shot to view the 2 X 4 Technology Tool, a female intercom tells what each letter stands for while the 2 X 4 Technology is scanned in 3-D form to view the surfaces of the tool with green lines over in a black computer-line room.


Gadgets/ Weapons

Decommissioning Chamber

The Chamber to decommission KND Operatives who become 13 years old. Here are the named KND Operatives who were decommissioned:

  • Numbuh 363 (for his freaking-out when anybody touched him)
  • Numbuh 11 (Maurice, until revealing he was allowed to keep his memory)
  • Numbuh 0 (for retirement to complete his adulthood mission without his memory, fathering Numbuh One)
  • Numbuh 2, Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4, Numbuh 5 (in Op. END until recommissioned back again until they finally are too old)
  • Grandfather after he was recommissioned by Father

These are the KND Operatives who escaped decommissioning:


  • Numbuh 4 came up with the C.L.A.M.M.A.H. after stealing an idea from Numbuh 5, about the phrase "a cannon with clams."
  • Numbuh 2 invented the Birthday Suits Frequency Modulator, and Numbuh 362 can't remember the name.
  • The villains also have advanced technology, but there's no acronyms.

To be continued...

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