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Cartoon Network Original Series

# Show Name Premiere Date End Date
1 The Moxy Show December 5, 1993 January 2, 2000
7 I Am Weasel July 15, 1997 March 2, 2000
12 Sheep in the Big City November 17, 2000 April 7, 2002

Acquired Series

# Show Name Premiere Date End Date
Gundam Wing March 6, 2000 May 11, 2001





  • Cartoon Network acquires the broadcasting rights to the Japanese anime series, Gundam Wing, which begins airing edited for content, at 5:30 PM on the Toonami block, with uncut reruns airing at midnight on Toonami's Midnight Run block.



  • The Moxy Show airs in reruns for the final time.



Between August 25th and 27th, the following shorts aired as part of The Big Pick:

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