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# Show Name Premiere Date End Date
12 Sheep in the Big City November 17, 2000 April 7, 2002



  • The Moxy Show ends in reruns on April 1, 2000.


  • Between August 25 and August 27, the shorts aired as part of The Big Pick first debut:

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: "Meet the Reaper", created by Maxwell Atoms

Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?, created by Greg Miller

Trevor! in Journey to Sector 5-G, created by Adam Shaheen and Jeff Rockburn

Nikki, created by Debby Solomon

Foe Paws, created by Chris Savino

Prickles the Cactus, created by Denis Morella

Lucky Lydia in Club Lydia, created by Arthur Filloy and Bob Camp

Longhair and Doubledome: Good Wheel Hunting, created by Gavrilo Gnatovich

Lost Cat, created by David Feiss

Uncle Gus: For the Love of Monkeys, created by Lincoln Pierce

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